The Muslims Are Coming!

Comedy is one of the many means by which people deal with stereotypes. Muslim Americans have used comedy for some time to break down the negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. The idea is that if people can laugh together then barriers break down. In other words, it is a constructive way to have people reflect on what they think about Muslims. We have addressed the topic of Muslim American comedians before here on Inside Islam through both blog posts and radio programs. In this post, I will focus on the upcoming comedic film The Muslims Are Coming! Continue reading

Inside Islam Radio Show: All-American Muslim

Two Muslim-American Women Featured in All-American Muslim

Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday, November 9) to hear the latest Inside Islam radio show. Jean will speak with the producers and Nina Bazzy, a character from the reality TV show, All American-Muslim. This show, which premieres this Sunday on TLC, follows five Muslim families in predominately Arab-American Dearborn, Michigan.

For more information on the show and related content, see Reem’s recent post and other pieces about the use of television to challenge stereotypes of Muslim-Americans. Do you think this program will have a positive impact on the image of Muslim Americans? Or will it simply promote further negative stereotypes? Leave your comments below and we may use them on air.

How to Listen and Participate

  • Leave a post below and the Inside Islam radio team will consider airing your comments and question during the broadcast.
  • Listen live on radio stations in Wisconsin Public Radio listening areas. The show will be broadcast live at 3 p.m. and re-broadcast at 9 p.m. CT.
  • Listen to a live webstream of the show on the Ideas Network.
  • Call 1-877-GLOBE-07 to leave a voice mail for Here on Earth: Radio without Borders anytime.
  • Leave a comment on this page, or send us an email with your thoughts.

Khalil Bendib: A Muslim American Political Cartoonist

On Friday, September 30th, the Institute for Research in the Humanties (IRH) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted a symposium titled “Arab Spring and the Humanities.” Khalil Bendib, an Algerian American Muslim artist and political cartoonist, was among the speakers. In his presentation, Bendib spoke about his personal story and the challenges he faces as a political cartoonist. According to Bendib, his biggest challenge is finding places that will run his work without censoring it. Continue reading

“I Speak For Myself” Radio Show

This Thursday, May 5th, Jean will be speaking with contributors to the new book I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim. The edition comprises the personal narratives of 40 women under the age of 40 from diverse backgrounds: blogger, academic, advocate, activist, artist, journalist, teacher, student, engineer, coach, government representative. They all, however, share three  things: they are American, Muslim, and women.

Continue reading

Local High School Tries to Understand Islam

On November 8th, Middleton High School held a day long event for their Human Rights’ Day called “Understanding Islam.” The event focused on the topics of Islam in the news and women and Islam. Jean Feraca, the host of the Inside Islam Radio Series, moderated the panel on Islam in the news and I was part of the panel on women and Islam.

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Islamic College in America

zaytuna-collegeWhen choosing the right college to attend, not many people think of an Islamic college. That’s about to change. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir, two prominent Muslim scholars, are planning to create the first accredited Islamic college in the United States, to be called Zaytuna College. The goal of the college is to teach Arabic and Islamic studies in the context of American culture. The founders argue that the Muslim American community is in need of scholars who not only are familiar with American culture, but actually come out of it and thus will be much more in tune with the needs of the community. Continue reading