Riazat Butt: Famous for 30 seconds

Host of Islamophonic and journalist for Guardian UK Riazat Butt turned down the chance to be “Famous for 30 seconds” in an anti-extremism ad campaign for Pakistani youth. PREVENT, the campaign’s sponsor organization, asked her and others to represent the face of moderate Islam in Britain and set an example for youth in the Muslim world.

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Islamophonic Podcast

Host of the award-winning podcast Islamophonic and journalist for the Guardian UK Riazat Butt takes a critical and witty look at the Muslim community beginning at home in her native Great Britain. Each month, the program deals with complex cultural and political issues in the news by tackling topics like marriage, extremism, secular democracy, and others.

Riazat refrains from making overarching conclusions about Islam without buffering them with humor. Also, the programs rarely deal with spiritual matters. Instead, Islamophonic tackles the difficult task of reporting the individual stories of living in Muslim world.

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