Altmuslimah and Prom

Photo by Jean Pieri of The Pioneer Press.

Photo by Jean Pieri / The Pioneer Press.

Altmuslimah is a branch of altmuslim, a blog we’ve written about before on Inside Islam that has critical, independent thought on Islam today. Altmuslimah, on the other hand, focuses on the gender divide within Islam and opens up discussion about important issues like the women’s movement for equality in Islam recently launched as The Musawah Movement. Here in this post on Inside Islam, we outlined the emerging debates and global significance of such a movement and invite readers to leave their own thoughts as well.

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Confusion At Halal-TV

Muslim Talk Show Halal-TV (Image via SVT)

Muslim Talk Show Halal-TV (Image via SVT, Swedish State Television)

Halal-TV, a Swedish talk show hosted by three Muslim women, was the center of a great deal of controversy and confusion recently, resulting from the decision by two of the hosts not to shake hands with a male guest. The guest at the center of the storm was Carl Hamilton, a newspaper columnist for Aftonbladet. Hamilton reacted to the perceived slight with hostility and anger, arguing that shaking his hand was the polite thing to do. According to the transcript of the incident (available in Swedish), Hamilton told host Khadiga El-Khabiry at one point, “The problem is that you come here and don’t want to shake hands, so it’s actually you who are the problem.” It’s important to note here that El-Khabiry was actually born in Sweden.

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