Why I Am a Doctor: One Muslim’s Perspective

Image: Healthspablog.org

Hesham Hassaballa is an intensive care unit physician, co-founder and Executive Director of the Bayan H. Hassaballa Charitable Foundation, and serves on the board of directors for the Chicago Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. He is also a freelance writer and author of Noble Brother. This is his response to questions we asked him about his Islamic faith and profession as a physician.

“So, you are going to become a doctor, right?” This question, I am quite certain, has been asked of scores of Muslim children by their parents all across this world. Does Islam, somehow, motivate Muslims to become physicians? Perhaps slightly, especially since the Qur’an says that saving a life is like saving all of humanity. But I think that is more of a “fringe benefit” than a major motivation for Muslims to become physicians.

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Radicalization Hearings Will Alienate Muslim Americans

In December, Representative Peter King, the new chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, announced that he planned to hold hearings on the threat of radical Islam in America. According to King, Muslim American leaders have failed to combat extremism and that is why someone like Nidal Hassan was able to carry out an attack. Possible witnesses to testify at these hearings include Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Continue reading