How Low Can We Go?

Islamophobia Today, one of the leading blogs covering anti-Muslim sentiments worldwide, recently published an article on the latest terrorism figures from Europol. The European law enforcement agency released their annual EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report, citing “Islamists” as having carried out less than one half of one percent (0.005%) of all terrorist acts (1o out of 2,139) committed in Europe from 2005 to 2010. Interestingly, the report notes that “Islamist terrorism is still perceived as the biggest threat to most [EU] Member States.”

That perception, as divorced from reality as it is, seems to only get more and more entrenched. Reem and I have written extensively about a host of topics related to ignorance, prejudice, hatred, and violence against Muslims and Islam, but a recent statement from American comic Dennis Miller made me wonder how far things can go without anyone really noticing or caring.

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My Eyes Wide Open

Julia C. Hurley is a human rights advocate and speaker on Palestinian rights. Hurley also works with American Friends of UNRWA, promoting their Adopt a School Campaign, which she initiated in 2010, and she volunteers with the Greater DC Chapter of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Hurley is currently speaking at American universities  on the conditions in Palestine and what Americans can do about it with her talks, “Images of Hope: One Woman’s Journey to Palestine & Back.”

Growing up in suburban New Jersey, I was always exposed to different people and cultures. I was comfortable with diversity and never felt I had to fear or hate another group of people. My parents instilled in me the idea that we should always be concerned for people and do what we can to help anyone, regardless of race or religion, simply because they are our fellow human beings. I never judged based on these criteria before, but September 11th changed that in a way.

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