A Listener Responds to ‘Women and Sharia’

Dave Wood, a listener of the Inside Islam radio series on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, writes:

I wish I was writing with typical accolades but unfortunately I’m sending a note about my disappointment in your Inside Islam series. I think it not only lacks objective reporting but, even worse, it whitewashes Islam leaving your listener less prepared to identify radical Islam’s threat to our freedom and culture. Perhaps most important, your program does not challenge Muslims to face the profound human rights issues their religion faces.

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Inside the Minds of One Billion Muslims

Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies Dalia Mogahed was interviewed last week by host of Interfaith Voices Maureen Fiedler. The interview “Inside the Minds of One Billion Muslims” takes a look at one product of the Muslim West Facts Project, an initiative that was featured on Inside Islam in November. Mogahed summarizes the data collected by the center in a book she co-authored with John L. Esposito, Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think.

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“Women and Sharia” Radio Show Airs Live Today

In my conversation yesterday with Norhayati Kaprawi, the program manager of Sisters in Islam, a Malaysian women’s rights advocacy group, I got a feeling of déjà vu. So much of what she told me about the group’s efforts to educate and empower women about their rights reminded me of what American women went through in the sixties when we begat a social revolution just by talking with one another around our kitchen tables.

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