A Guide: How Not to Say Stupid Stuff about Egypt

Since the international media started following the situation in Egypt closely, a number of inaccurate, ignorant, and occasionally racist commentary from otherwise reputable new sources have been passed over without a thought. Since we write about Islam and Muslims, and Egypt is 90% Muslim, we thought it was relevant. And funny. The blogger Sarthanapalos has received a great deal of attention for this response:

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Media and Islam: Al Jazeera

For many Americans, Al Jazeera is probably the most well-known and most misunderstood news organization from the Muslim world. Launched in Arabic in 1996 by the Emir of Qatar, a tiny country in the Persian Gulf, Al Jazeera‘s ambition is to become an independent and influential television network on the scope and caliber of BBC and CNN International. It became hugely popular yet controversial in Arab countries because of its many confrontational talk shows, but few Americans paid much attention to it until after the 9/11 attacks when Al Jazeera aired statements by Osama bin Laden. It’s hard for Americans to trust Al Jazeera and it was hard for me, too.  I suspected that an Arab news organization would have an inherent bias. I doubted that a  TV network sponsored by a government, a non-democratic government, could be truly independent. The suspicion was hard to get rid of when I couldn’t receive or understand Al Jazeera‘s broadcast. Continue reading

MyUmmah (Guest Entry)

Naeem Mayet joins Inside Islam today as a guest blogger to post about the site MyUmmah, an aggregation of interesting articles and works on Islam from Muslim authors. Naeem is a blogger, graphic designer, photographer, and web strategist. I met him on Twitter, where he recommended some interesting web sites from South Africa. Those links are included below at the end of his post.
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