Young Muslims and New Media

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Original Broadcast: October, 29, 2008


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“Can young Muslims fight terror with YouTube?”

It’s been over a year since Osama bin Laden sent his last videotaped message around the world via Al Jazeera and the Internet, and yet the grim image of a turbaned terrorist holding an AK47 is the first thing that springs to mind when we think of Muslims and the Media. But try to imagine Osama bin Laden organizing his Facebook page. Terrorists using twitter? When it comes to social networking, Al Quaeda is behind the curve. A movement of media savvy young Muslims are creating empowered on-line communities that might do more to discourage the spread of radical Islam than the Department of Homeland Security.



Reza Aslan is a fellow at the University of Southern California and Middle East Analyst for CBS News. Aslan is co-founder of BoomGen Sudios and executive for, an online community for Muslim youth.


Baba AliAli Ardekani is the founder of Ummah Films and creator of the popular Youtube series “Ask Baba Ali.” He’s currently on tour as a standup comedian.


Dr. Ramez Maluf is director of the Beirut Institute for Media Arts and the Institute for Media Training and Research at Lebanese American University. He is author of Beruit Reborn.


Hana Rahman is the co-founder of, an Arab pop culture blog. It now consists of 18 blogs of which 14 are in English, 3 in French and one in Arabic. Hana joins us to talk about “Noor,” a Turkish soap opera and pop culture craze in the Arab world.

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