Women and Sharia

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Original broadcast: December 4, 2008


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In the video below, Pakistani human rights’ advocate Tahira Abdulla expressed her outrage to an ABC reporter over a case that came to light last August and was raised in the Senate of five women from a remote village in Balochistan province who were tortured and buried alive as a punishment for wanting to choose their own husbands. Three of the women were school girls; the other two their supporters. The case became high profile when it was defended in the name of tribal tradition by one of Pakistan’s Senators.


Asifa Quraishi, a specialist in Islamic law and legal theory, joined the University of Wisconsin Law School faculty in Fall 2004. Her expertise ranges from U.S. law on federal court practice to constitutional legal theory, with a comparative focus in Islamic law. She made news in 2001 when she drafted a clemency appeal brief in the case of Bariya Ibrahim Magazu, who was sentenced to flogging for fornication in Zamfara, Nigeria. Professor Quraishi’s full bio and selected works (University of Wisconsin).

Amna Butar is a Pakistani physician and parliamentarian, the founder of AANA, Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Human Rights, and its Pakistani counterpart, Synergy International.


Click on the player above to listen to host Jean Feraca’s full pre-recorded interview with Amna Buttar.

Norhayati Kaprawi is the program manager of Sisters in Islam, a Muslim Womens group that provides legal counseling and advocacy for women’s rights in Malaysia.


Click on the player above to listen to host Jean Feraca’s full pre-recorded interview with Norhayati Kaprawi.

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  2. Sharia is forcing every single woman to wear the hijab and stay home. Sharia is beating of women by their men. Sharia is considering women as half of men. That is Sharia, that is Islam.

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