Sunni, Shia, or Just Muslim?

Broadcast date: October 14, 2009


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Does the Sunni/Shia conflict contribute to the image of Islam as a violent religion? How much does it account for the violence in Iraq? We look into the origins of the Sunni/Shia split, consider the bombing of the Shia shrine in Karbala, and talk with a Muslim scholar working on promote intrafaith harmony.


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2 thoughts on “Sunni, Shia, or Just Muslim?

  1. I agree with Ed. As a convert myself, it’s sometimes hard to fit in in the Muslim community. Add to that the fact that I identify as a Shi’a, and you get one lonely Muslimah. We have the same pillars, the same God, the same 5 prayers (with slight, slight variation i.e. placement of hands)….why can’t we just all get along?