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Original Broadcast: March 26, 2009.


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E.O. Wilson in the introduction to his latest book, The Creation, urged the leaders of all world religions to put the environment on the top of their agendas. Muslim theologians and clerics are responding in kind, developing Islamic guidelines and initiatives based on their reading of the Koran and an ancient Islamic environmental ethic that began in the Arabian desert. There’s even a Green Party, the PKB or National Awakening Party, in Indonesia that’s working to amend the constitution to make the right to a clean environment a fundamental human right. A moratorium on logging has been proposed, a plan to develop forestry, and, in Java, there’s an environmental madrassa where the children chant, “One earth, for all.”


Fazlun Khalid is the founder of The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES). He’s responsible for helping initiate environmental projects in Africa and Indonesia.

Dr. Saleem Ali is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont and currently a visiting fellow at the Brookings Research Center in Doha, Qatar. He is also author of Islam and Education: Conflict and Conformity in Pakistan’s Madrassahs.


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  2. I’m writing a term paper on Native American ecology and I’d like to read a transcript of the Dr. Ali interview. I’m unable to download the audio version since I don’t have high – speed internet. I heard the program while driving home one day and it’s exactly what I am studying in school – I believe the future of environmentalism must be morally driven rather than economically or politically driven in order to succeed.

    I need to be able to reference Dr. Ali’s work with the fishermen who were dynamiting the coral reefs. A transcript of the interview would really be helpful. If that’s not possible, where could I read about that project of his, and the part that Islamic teaching played in his success?