Winner of a 2009 Brass Crescent Award and a 2011 Gabriel Award, Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates is a new-media initiative that seeks to challenge misconceptions and stereotypical perceptions about Islam and Muslims worldwide through a collaboration between UW-Madison’s nine area and international studies centers, Wisconsin Public Radio, and the public. Inside Islam is funded by a grant from the Social Science Research Council’sAcademia in the Public Sphere Grants Program,” which in turn is supported by funding from the Carnegie Corporation. Drawing on the UW’s longstanding strength in international studies and WPR’s pioneering international news and global cultural affairs talk show, Here on Earth: Radio without Borders, Inside Islam creates a public forum for positive and constructive sharing of knowledge about Islam through innovative use of new media. The project’s emphasis on interactive technology underlines the importance of active communication between Muslims and non-Muslims, as well as between academics and the broader community. By illuminating underrepresented or neglected cultural, intellectual, and political aspects of Islam and Muslims, Inside Islam spotlights the diversity of dialogues and debates within Islam as well as with other religions and communities.


Inside Islam Participants

•  Uli Schamiloglu (July 2011-present)
•  Amy Stambach (September 2008-May 2010)
•  B. Venkat Mani (March 2008-August 2008; June 2010-June 2011)

•  Reem Hilal
•  Colin Christopher
•  Nayantara Mukherji
•  Lisa Bu (former blogger)
•  Kaitlin Foley (former blogger)

Wisconsin Public Radio
•  Jean Feraca, Host and Executive Producer of Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, Wisconsin Public Radio
•  Nayantara Mukherji, Producer, Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, Wisconsin Public Radio
•  Sheryl Gasser, Talk Director, Wisconsin Public Radio

UW-Madison’s Area and International Studies Centers
• African Studies Program: asp@africa.wisc.edu
• Center for East Asian Studies: eas@intl-institute.wisc.edu
• Center for European Studies: european@intl-institute.wisc.edu
• Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia: info@creeca.wisc.edu
• Center for South Asia: info@southasia.wisc.edu
• Center for Southeast Asian Studies: seasia@intl-institute.wisc.edu
• Global Studies: info@global.wisc.edu
• Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies: lacis@intl-institute.wisc.edu
• Middle East Studies Program: cmes@mailplus.wisc.edu