Reza Aslan: Losing the ‘war on terror’

Today’s guest post is from Daily Beast blogger and author of How to Win A Cosmic War: God, Globalization, and the War on Terror Reza Aslan. If you’d like to learn more about his new book, see the interview posted … Continue reading

Live interview with Reza Aslan on 29 October 2008

Join Muslim writer and scholar of religion Reza Aslan and host of Here on Earth: Radio without Borders Jean Feraca for Inside Islam’s second radio show on October 29, 2008.

…On Inside Islam: The blog will have a series of posts about Muslims in the media leading up to the second radio show with Media commentator and scholar Reza Aslan.

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Chronological Listing of Shows

Click on show titles for additional information or simply click on the player to listen to an episode. Islam and Democracy Air date: March 15, 2012   The Arab Spring surprised many in the West who believed Islam is inherently … Continue reading

Is Islam compatible with [blank]?

Here’s a quick exercise: go to Google and start typing the following: “Is Islam compatible with.” What are some of the predictions Google gives you for the end of that sentence? I get: Is Islam compatible with democracy? Is Islam compatible … Continue reading

Islam and the New Modes of Participation

This past weekend academics and journalists from around the world gathered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the Inside Islam-cosponsored conference Islam and Democracy. The changing political landscape of the Middle East was a central focus of the event in … Continue reading

Islam and Democracy

The Arab Spring surprised many in the West who believed Islam is inherently incompatible with democracy. But the citizens of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya proved them wrong. Reza Aslan and Marc Lynch join us for this last program in our … Continue reading

The Taliban in Libya?

Last week, Republican presidential contender Herman Cain badly stumbled at an editorial meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, displaying his limited knowledge of the current situation in Libya. His campaign blamed the gaffe on 4 hours of sleep and an ambiguous question from … Continue reading

New Media = New Dynamics?

Amir Ahmad Nasr, aka Drima from The Sudanese Thinker blog, recently created a project exploring new media—a source of information that altered his life many times. From fundamentalism to heartbreak and disillusionment, and finally to his current spiritual practice of … Continue reading

Whitewashing Tales from The Arabian Nights

Broadcast date: 3 p.m. Central Time, June 14, 2011 [audio:] Guest Andrei Codrescu is the author of Whatever Gets You through the Night: A Story of Sheherezade and the Arabian Entertainments. Reza Aslan is the founder of, and Associate Professor … Continue reading