Muslim-Jewish Comedy

Two weeks ago, the Laugh in Peace Tour dropped by the UW-Madison campus to entertain hundreds as part of the White House Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. Chicago-based Muslim-American lawyer-turned-comedian Azhar Usman and Vermont-based comedian and rabbi Bob Alper … Continue reading

Does Comedy Help?

Can comedy defuse an increasingly Islamophobic atmosphere in the west? Or do short films, sketches, and new media actually solidify preexisting bigotry and reinforce stereotypes through caricatures of Muslim people? In the wake of the Lowe’s controversy, some comedy sketches … Continue reading

Chronological Listing of Shows

Click on show titles for additional information or simply click on the player to listen to an episode. Islam and Democracy Air date: March 15, 2012   The Arab Spring surprised many in the West who believed Islam is inherently … Continue reading

Islam and popular culture: an Inside Islam recap

It’s fitting to end Inside Islam where we started. When we first began the project, we focused heavily on Islam in popular culture and media. Our first shows and posts focused on Muslim youth and new media, videobloggers, and even … Continue reading

The History of Hate

Today, Thursday, October 6, Luis Bernabé Pons, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Alicante in Spain, will be speaking about Islam and Christianity in 16th century Spain. The event will focus upon the Lead Books of Sacromonte … Continue reading

Laughter as a Path to Understanding

Broadcast date: 3 p.m. Central Time, May 31, 2011 [audio:] Guests Tissa Hami is an Iranian American Muslim woman comedian. She was featured in the documentary, Stand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of Age. Dean Obeidallah is an award winning comedian … Continue reading