Tariq Ramadan on The Muslim Brotherhood

Tariq Ramadan Photo: britishmuseum.org

Next Wednesday, January 25, Jean will speak with Oxford University Professor Tariq Ramadan about the Muslim Brotherhood. Ramadan, the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder and a leading scholar of political science and Islam, will speak with Jean about the Muslim Brotherhood’s platform and its likely influence on Egypt in the coming years.

Less than 9 months after the ouster of then-President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians have taken to the polls in three separate election cycles. Even before Mubarak left office, pundits were citing concerns over the possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood domination resulting in serious repercussions for social and political reforms. Now, with Al-Nour, a salafi-inspired party taking nearly 25 percent of seats in the Egyptian Parliament, those same critics are terming the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” Islamic political party, and calling on their increased political strength to nullify the ultra-conservative social aims of Al-Nour.

Tune in next week to hear Ramadan’s thoughts on the current situation and please leave a comment or question below.

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One thought on “Tariq Ramadan on The Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Dear Prof Ramadan,

    In your view, does Muslim Brotherhood Movement have clear political, economical and social programms that are driven based on universal as well as islamic ethic and that can strengthn the Egypt as a role model to the world being islamic in their own, but engaging and accepting others participation and contribution through their own ethics that are universal too?

    Do you agree with the term specified in the constitution of Egypt Islam as a state religion?