Inside Islam Radio Show: 2011 Hours Against Hate

Hannah Rosenthal and Farah Pandith (from left) attended a Ramadan iftar dinner hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Photo: Israeli Embassy

Make sure to tune in today at 3pm CST (GMT+6) for the latest Inside Islam Radio Show, 2011 Hours Against Hate. Jean will speak with Farah Pandith, US Special Representative to Muslim Communities, and Hannah Rosenthal, US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, to learn about how their partnership at the US Department of State has sparked a global movement to build intercultural and interfaith connections through service.

For more information related to the show, check out our past pieces on interfaith service, Muslims and Jews in America, and a recent radio show with Interfaith Youth Core founder, Eboo Patel.

How to Listen and Participate

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3 thoughts on “Inside Islam Radio Show: 2011 Hours Against Hate

  1. How timely this program is. Tomorrow our Rotary Club will bring our local Interfaith Council President to speak about problems within religions and communities. Specifically we are trying to open a dialogue about fear and hate spread into communities through the internet; the talk is intended to stir people’s emotions. The stories are often exaggerations, fabrications or hearsay. Now that we are aware of “2011 Hours Against Hate,” perhaps we can refer to them and use their site and knowledge to help in the effort. Thank you Jean Feraca, the UW-Madison, and WI Public Radio for bringing this organization to our attention.

  2. What a wonderful program today on the “Here on Earth” show. It is so refreshing to see that the State Dept. is putting efforts into combating hate and through building relationships, trying to bring those of different cultures, religions and experiences together by getting past differences. I hope to participate in the initiative Ms. Rosenthal and Ms. Pandith have so successfully been promoting. Thank you to the staff of WPR and the bloggers at Inside Islam for bringing such important issues to the forefront for discussion and examination by the public!