Muslim American Comedians

On Tuesday, May 31st, Jean will talk with Tissa Hami, an Iranian American female comedian, and Dean Obeidallah, a Palestinian-American/Italian-American comedian. Both use comedy to break down the stereotypes about Muslims, Arabs, and Islam that have surged after 9/11.

In March 2010, Hami, one of the few female Muslim comics was named one of the top 11  female comedians in the U.S. by the San Francisco Chronicle. Obeidallah appeared in the Comedy Central Special Axis of Evil and is also the  co-founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival and the Executive Producer of the Amman Stand Up Comedy Festival, the first festival of its kind in the Middle East.

Hami and Obeidallah  appeared together on ABC’s The View to talk about how they are using comedy to combat stereotypes, especially Islamophobia. Morever, both were featured in the PBS documentary Stand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of Age. The documentary followed  five Muslim comedians and how they use laugther to show our commonalities.

Visit the show page for Muslim Comedians to find out how to listen and participate.

2 thoughts on “Muslim American Comedians

  1. Hi Jean,
    Listening to you is a breath of fresh air in a world clotted with confusion and heartbreak.

    Humor really is the key to opening hearts! We should tell more jokes about Walker, outrageously funny jokes that beg repetition, and that is why I adore this program amongst your Islam series, which is invaluable. Thank you for your great contribution to those of us hungry to learn about all others and appreciate the richness of all our cultures and ideas. We are, after all, all neighbors, brothers, sisters.