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This Thursday, March 24th, Jean will talk with Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, the author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet. The show will explore how Islam instructs followers to be environmentally conscious and how this consciousness can be the foundation for interfaith environmental work.

Abdul-Matin’s central premise is that the world is a mosque, a house of God, and thus sacred. Therefore, we have a responsibility not only to take care of the environment but to protect it. He maintains there are Islamic teachings that instruct Muslims to live what he refers to as “Green Deen” (deen means religion in Arabic), which he maintains “is about transforming our public,  private, and civic sectors. It’s about bridging the innovation gap and moving all the world’s fundamental human connection to the environment.”

Amana, “trust” in Arabic, is one of the teachings that Abdul-Matin  highlights, meaning that human beings are entrusted by God with taking care of the earth and that they will be held accountable for their actions. Another teaching that he emphasizes is the concept of the mizan, “balance” in Arabic. In the Qur’an, human beings are instructed to be fair and just in their dealings with each other and their surroundings. This means that they must strive to acheive balance in their world and avoid excesses. In regards to the environment,  pollution and excessive consumption disrupts the balance. For Abdul-Matin, Islam provides the spiritual framework  for believers to have a connection to the environment.

Do  you think religion and environmentalism are connected? Can religion provide a framework for environmental efforts? How can believers of different faiths work together to protect the environment? Please share your thoughts below and they may appear in the show.

One thought on “Green Deen Radio Show

  1. Another joke broadcast. Long before Islam, the middle east was a powerhouse in agriculture and agricultural technology (remember the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”?). Islam brought with it destruction, basically as an appeasement to their god Allah. What greens there was was destroyed in sacrifices for Allah. This is evident during the Eid al Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice, where thousands upon thousands of animals are butchered, in the name of Allah. People who perform the Haj during this period return with stories of “rivers of blood” of these sacrificial animals. And they tell it with pride!

    In Iran, where there were vast areas of green, when islam came, were turned into pastures, so as to feed these animals exclusively for sacrifice. In Somalia, the famine is a direct result of killing animals just mature enough to sacrifice for this Allah. We all know the outcome. We can’t blame the Jews if the overwhelming majority of islamic countries are desert or turning into deserts!

    Now, look at Israel. More than half of Israel is desert, but somehow 95% of its food production is local!! Remember when you eat cherry tomatoes, it was entirely a Jewish invention (1973). Spit it out now! Hahaha!

    Achieve balance my foot!

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