Islamic Speed Dating?

An often asked question about Muslim practices is “If you can’t date, how do you get married?” Well, there are many ways that Muslims end up meeting their life partner from arranged marriages to meeting someone in college. And now there is another way: speed dating. Actually, it is an “Islamized” version of speed dating where the main objective is marriage.

Jamal Mohsin started Millanus (which means “get together” in Urdu and Hindi), a Muslim matrimony speed dating service, in 2007. Twice a year, single Muslims (and sometimes their parents) attend a two-hour event which includes a series of five-minute dates, where men circulate the room and women stay in one seat, followed by a buffet.

These events are an investment: $125 in advance for each single participant or $150 at the door and $60 in advance for family members or $75 at the door.  However, according to Mohsin, many families are willing to spend that kind of money to get their children married.

Despite some criticism from more conservative Muslims, Mohsin maintains that he is providing a service that acts as a compromise between the  traditional culture of parents and the American culture of their children. So on the one hand, speed dating is an American concept. but the family presence and the requirements of the events reflect their Islamic nature.

What do you think of Islamic speed dating? Is it a contradiction? If you are Muslim, how did you meet your spouse? Please share your thoughts below.

5 thoughts on “Islamic Speed Dating?

  1. I have no objection to the process, taking into account the cultural traditions of Islam. However, it seems bizarre to me to argue that speed dating is inconsistent with Islamic beliefs. In order for the Muslim culture to thrive, many of the old traditions cannot be strictly adhered to.

  2. yupp i too agree.. you should talk to the person before getting married to avoid any future marriage problems…. And if you people think its a sin to talk to person before marriage then its also a sin if we get divorce. I met my wife on muslim dating site and we’re living happily.

  3. Reem,

    I would not have used the title “Islamic Speed Dating” – rather – “Muslim Speed Dating”.

    By the more conservative view / interpretation of Islam there is no “dating”.

    By the way, we just had an event – Muslim Speed Dating – and we did not receive any criticism about it.

    Fact of the matter is that we are in a position to address our needs in a creative way in contemporary times.


  4. Interesting.
    I knew that muslim dating sites were booming (i wrote an article about this) but i never heard about those Muslim speed dating.
    Ow and i agree with Fatima, you should say “Muslim speed dating”.