4 thoughts on “Muslim Like Me

  1. What an uplifting and wonderful idea that this young woman is striving for. The photograph of her also dispels the notion of what most people think Muslims look like. I hope she is successful in her efforts.

  2. The Muslim Like Me creative writing workshop is a goldmine of self-discovery, group collaboration, and spiritual connection guided by our very own Kim. The workshop allows me to use the skills I learned as an English major at Columbia to discuss and write about issues that I know I must face if I am eventually to be at peace with myself. Kim creates a safe space where the writers can be honest with themselves and each other about their views on topics that uplift us and those that hurt us. The expression “Some things are better left unsaid” goes out the window with Kim’s provocative questioning during discussions. She asks us to take a closer look at things like partitions in prayer spaces, the concepts of submission and resistance, conversion, culture, clothing, and other such topics even when our first instinct is to look the other way. Thanks Kim and fellow writers, for giving me a place to grow into my own skin, fearlessly. Everyone else, the circle’s open.

  3. Excellent spiritual leadership. Thank you very much for your insightful words and attempt to open myopic American’s eyes to other cultures and religions. If in fact we are a great Nation then we should be able to at the very least attempt to understand other cultures and religions not just stick our heads in the sand, ignore and believe that our way is the only way.