Increasing Number of Muslim Converts in UK

The most difficult Muslim to understand  in Western countries, I argue, is the convert. Whether in the American context or the European context, there is an underlying assumption that Islam is something foreign and that someone who is American or British would never choose to join the faith. However, a new study called “A Minority Within a Minority” conducted by Faith Matters, an interfaith think-tank in the UK, found that in the last 10 years the number of British converts to Islam nearly doubled, leading some to say that the country is undergoing a process of “Islamification.

Since 2001, the number of converts in the UK has jumped to around 100,000, with approximately 5,000 new converts every year. The study found that the average convert is a 27-year-old white woman and that very few converts exhibited extremists views in their understanding of Islam.

What this study reveals is that  converts to Islam are normal people who feel that there is no conflict between their Muslim identity and British identity–just like many who are born Muslim in Britain. The most recent example of a British convert that has gained a lot of attention is Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law. Moreover, the study emphasizes the diversity of the Muslim community in the UK.

According to Fiyaz Mughal, the director of Faith Matters, the increase in the number of converts could result from the increased attention that Islam receives in the media. Even though the image of Islam is primarily negative,  many want to learn about the faith. Mughal argues that some who study the faith end up converting.

From personal experience, I have noticed that in the years after 9/11 the number of converts has increased in my local mosque. While there are many converts who came to know about the faith through interactions with Muslims, many more actually wanted to understand Islam and through their exploration found that they wanted to convert.  Moreover, from my discussions with converts, they see that their American and Muslim identities are compatible.

Thus, not only is Islam not a “foreign” religion, but many have been drawn to the faith and choose to join despite the negative representations.

Do you think that there has been an increase in conversion to Islam post-9/11? If so, what do you think are the reasons? Do converts demonstrate that you can be both a Muslim and American or European? Please share your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “Increasing Number of Muslim Converts in UK

  1. Of course there has been an increase in the number of converts and the obvious reason is that the negative media attention Islam is getting led some to seek to understand d religion frm reliable source and subsequently see truth in Quran and sayings of Muhammad. Yes u can Muslim and american or whatever

  2. I agree. It was actually the crimes of 9/11 that pushed me to find out for myself after years of wondering and noticing discrepancies. It tooke about 5 years after that to finally accept and say shehada, but long before that I began taking mainstream news reports with a grain of salt.
    I remember someone telling me “if someone will lie about small things, they can’t be trusted with the big things. The MSM lies about the big things and thus can’t be trusted at all.

  3. Same like situation is explained in Holy Quran in Surah Nasr. Where it is mentioned that you will see people entering religion of Allah in good numbers. Every word of Almighty Allah is true so people entering Islam in Post 09/11 era has increased. Western governments themselves has cuased this.

  4. Islam is the one and only true religion no matter how long the westerners are going to waste time protesting about it, no wonder why they keep on denying the religion for no reason because the reason is obvious. Just accept the fact there is no way anybody can deny the truth unless they force it. Be honest to yourself and accept the open fact. Whether you like it or not islam will keep on booming. Islam is true and pure, for those nations banning wearing of headscarves i deeply feel sorry for them they are lost in a big forest without them realising it. Pity. Its even worse if the country banning headscarves is an islamic country, like turkey, too bad and disappointing. Am wondering what is in the mind of those turks who have decided to ban headscarf. What? They think showing off their bra, thongs, bikini lines and all they have got is the right choice or may be the idea of looking cool and modern. I feel pity for them. Respecting the dignity and value and position of women is what islam seeks and not conducting false statements by europeans that its not giving women freedom. What nonsense, they are just jealous to accept the truth.