The Butterfly Mosque: One Woman’s Journey to Islam

On the next Inside Islam radio show, this Wednesday, December 15th, Jean will be talking with G. Willow Wilson, the author of The Butterfly Mosque: A Young Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam. In her memoir, Wilson tells the story of how she came to Islam and how she met her husband Omar.

In 2003, after converting to Islam, Wilson journeys to Egypt. There she meets her husband. In Egypt and through her relationship, she learns how to bridge cultural divides and to reconcile the images of Muslims in the media with the real people (including her husband) that she meets.

In this memoir, Wilson not only relates her own personal story, but also sheds light on Islam and the Middle East. According to Wilson, she wrote this memoir because the same story is told repeatedly about Islam and she wanted to write a book about Islam from an American Muslim woman’s point of view.

Have you converted to Islam? What led you to Islam? What are the challenges that you have faced? Why do you think so many women convert to Islam? Leave your comments below and they may just appear on the air and make sure to listen to the program.

One thought on “The Butterfly Mosque: One Woman’s Journey to Islam

  1. Fascitating news, I really like about the story. According to my idea i do belief that the more they-non-Muslim- hate Islam the more they study about Islam. The statistic of non-muslim conterted to islam shows us what is the best religion.