A Jewish, White Woman’s Perspective on Islam

Lesley Hazleton

This fall, author Lesley Hazleton gave a TED talk in Seattle, offering her own interpretation of the Qur’an as an agnostic Jew. Hazleton’s nine-minute presentation, attended by a predominately white, middle-aged, non-Muslim American audience, stemmed from extensive research on the Qur’an and her experiences with Middle Eastern Bedouins. Her raspy, light British accented voice seemed to perfectly complement her academic vocabulary and witty sense of humor, and the audience quickly warmed to her style and intent in countering common negative stereotypes of the Qur’an.

Throughout the talk, Hazleton offered her interpretations of the Qur’an and emphasized the importance of understanding verses through a contextualized analysis only.

“Part of the problem I think is that we imagine that the Qur’an can be read as we usually read a book, as though we can curl up with it on this rainy afternoon with a bowl of popcorn within reach, as though God–and the Qur’an is entirely in the voice of God speaking to Muhammad–were just another author on the best seller list. The fact that few people do actually read the Qur’an is precisely why it’s so easy to quote, that is, to misquote phrases and snippets taken out of context in what I call the ‘highlighter version,’ which is the one favored by both Muslim fundamentalists and anti-Muslim Islamophobes.”

Hazleton described how she spent three months on her Lake Union houseboat delving into the historical background of Qur’anic verses and the meaning behind various statements. Hazleton utilized her latest book, After the Prophet, four well-known translations of the Qur’an, and an Arabic-English dictionary as resources. During the TED talk, she spoke of “how flexible the Qur’an is, at least in minds that are not fundamentally inflexible,” and recounted this discovery as “perhaps the biggest surprise.”

In one example, referencing the Islamic law that allows for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, she explained the comprehensive set of qualifiers, all of which must be met to validate such an act:

  • only in Mecca;
  • only after a grace period;
  • only if there’s no other pact in place;
  • only if non-believers try and stop you from getting to the Ka’aba; and
  • only if they attack you first.

Hazleton completed her interpretation by adding,”and even then, God is merciful, forgiveness is supreme, and so essentially, better if you don’t [kill them].”

“The phrase, ‘God is subtle’ appears again and again, and indeed the whole of the Qur’an is far more subtle than most of us have been led to believe, as in for instance that little matter of virgins in paradise.” Hazleton explained that “old-fashioned orientalist” interpretations of the Qur’an referenced huris as “dark-eyed maidens with swelling breasts” promised in heaven. She explained that her research indicated that huris are more accurately interpreted as pure beings, or angels, “but the truth is nobody really knows, and that’s the point.”

Hazleton added that we “may have heard about the Qur’an’s idea of paradise being 72 virgins. . .There are no 72 virgins in the Qur’an. That idea only came into being 300 years later, and most Islamic scholars see it as equivalent to people with wings sitting on clouds and strumming harps.”

Aside from the substance of Hazleton’s TED talk, the relevance of the presenter and reception it received is exceptionally notable. When Muslim men or women talk about their faith in a constructive, peaceful manner, it often conjures up negatives responses-skepticism, conspiracies, and hatred are more likely. Portions of the public in the US and other western nations do not seem to be ready to hear what Islam means to Muslims themselves. Hazleton and other non-Muslims are offering their own perspectives on Islam in hopes of  convincing skeptics that Islam is a legitimate faith worth recognizing.

Is it inaccurate to assume that white women, of Jewish or any other non-Muslim background, are seen as more legitimate voices than Muslims’ when describing what Islam is? Does one have to fully experience and believe in a faith in order to most accurately describe it to non-believers?

26 thoughts on “A Jewish, White Woman’s Perspective on Islam

  1. I had the opportunity to view Ms. Hazelton’s short talk. She was humorous but substantive and credible. I would suggest that others take the time to view it as well. It illustrates that those of non-Muslim faith or those with no faith at all can take a careful look and present an unbiased and honest interpretation of the Qur’an that will hopefully put to rest some of the pervasive and uninformed attitudes that exist in our culture of fear today. Her manner of presentation was engaging and I hope that she might become a spokesperson for acceptance of Islam in America. I would love it if she could speak at the UW or somewhere in Wisconsin so that I could hear her in person. As a white, middle-aged woman myself, I found her attitude, interpretation and style of presenting refreshing.

  2. Sorry but you do not know enough about TRUE ISLAM to be speaking on it. You also never mentioned the HADITHS and that is just as important as the QURAN…not only are 72 VIRGINS important to moslems who martyr themselves..they are also promised “PEARLY BOYS”…seriously she is a DHIMWIT…in the islamic sense of the word. She is headed straight for dhimmitude without even realizing it…and YES Moslems do hate the non believers you can look anywhere and find a ton of info on that FACT…Actually look at some of their Clerics Youtube Videos where they chant DEATH TO ISRAEL, DEATH to AMERICA…yeah they love everyone and come in PEACE….

    Check out the word Al=Taqiyya..If she wanted to speak to educate people..she herself should tell the truth about ISLAM. Moslems are supposed to LIE and deceive to further their cause… She thinks she knows Islam but in reality. She is spewing what moslems want you to hear…

  3. She’s done something many born Muslims haven’t done: read and analyzed the Qur’an from beginning to end. I watched that clip and as a Muslim, I liked what she said. In many ways, a non-Muslims is seen to be more legitimate, because of course a Muslim will paint a bright and wonderful picture of their religion/group. It’s expected. For someone outside that group to come to the same bright and wonderful conclusion? Adds (more) legitimacy. I think the more people who follow her example will come to realize that true Islam is beautiful, peace-loving and inclusive.

  4. I happen to watch the clip. Honestly speaking it has enlightenend me. It is almost bringing me out from darkness to light. Looks like my fundemantels were wrong and I was against Islam without knowing Islam. I need to go to basics and then comment further. EXCELLENT CLIP. I am very happy that I watched the clip. It may change my life. I dont want to live in a world of hatred. Why should I hate some1? Thanks Ms Hazelton for opening my eyes.

  5. @Proud Kafir, For a start it is not a good thing to be proud for pride leads to arrogance. Since you have mentioned Israel, please let me remind you of what it says in the Ten Commandments:
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not steal and You shall not commit murder.
    Tell me then why is Israel stealing the Palestinian lands and killing it’s inhabitants with high tech weapons? If they are really followers of Moses then they should not do this – in any circumstances!

  6. She is basically a NUT. I live in an islamic country, and I should know. Just today the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia stated that the koran “REJECTS that all religions are equally true and equally good.” Link is here: http://bit.ly/h3yVAl

    From my understanding (and I’ve lived among muslims more than she had (or ever will!)), islam basically stands for FEAR and HATRED.

    Does she think she is better at understanding the koran than an institute with a wealth of experts (some even with multiple PhDs, no less)? One word for Ms Hazleton: Nonsense.

  7. Ms. Hazleton! You just amazed me with your decent, scholarly but simple understand of Islamic history and Quran. I listen all of your available talks and writings about Islam and first chapter of Islamic history.Your impartial narration of history is something marvel at. The positive energy you have you used very well for the truth.
    God bless you.

  8. To proud kafer. Proud of ignorance? (lack of knowledge AND lack of respect). Dude, where do you get this stuff??!! We are required to lie? Let me just inform you on this one point, you obviously need to be schooled on many more points but I’ll stick to this basic one. Muslims are allowed to lie in only certain cases ex. As pow’s they can lie about their armies plans, location etc. And to their wives, who may ask such questions as “am I beautiful? Or ” does this make me look fat?” we don’t need to lie nor are we permitted to to promote Islam.
    Only an idiot would think that a person would lie to promote what they believe is the truth. Think about that for a month or to why don’t you.

  9. On the contrary Yusuf! I think Proud Kafer is proud that he did not have to indulge in depravity and madness. Let me show you three examples in the past month alone (!!):

    1. The bombing of the Coptic Christian church in Egypt
    2. The murder of the Punjab Governor in Pakistan
    3. The Feast of Sacrifice (Haj) in Malaysia

    These three incidences, far apart geographically, may not seem to be interrelated. But on closer inspection, it brings out to the fore the madness and depravity of this religion.

    In the first and second incident, we are shown, at first, how little respect they have for people who have a different faith, even a differing opinion (be they of the same skin colour, or even the same religion!), nay, observe that there have very little respect, concern, nor love of lives of others. Could anything more depraved than this? In both incidents, the perpetrators are proud of their acts. They are promised heaven (as if it exists! LOL!). In the minds of these monsters (don’t call them animals, animals have much love for life as normal humans do), they have fulfilled their religious injunction, and I challenge a muslim to doubt it…openly!

    In the third incident, which I happen to witness myself, a calf (I thought it was a calf, although the people I talked to said it was a cow, but I noticed it was too small be one, nevertheless) was brought into the neighbourhood mosque compound, a few days before the feast of sacrifice. It was then tied to a pole outside, in the heat and rain. The locals who frequent the mosque would taunt it, even beat it with sticks and, in one occasion, nearly burnt it (obviously can’t wait to taste its meat)! In one poster and pamphlet that they had produced and distributed, the cow was caricatured as trembling with fear (of its impending death), while offering haj greetings and inviting all to partake!

    Anyway, on the day itself, I steeled myself to watch the gruesome murder. The act itself is not only gruesome, but utterly depraved and inhuman. Children, toddlers, in fact, are brought in to watch the killing (apparently this is an injunction from their god! Everyone should watch the killing of the animal!). As it lay bleeding, thrashing about, dying, the congregation starting praying loudly thanking their god! Bestial, to say the least! As I stood (outside of the compound) watching this and said to God, “let me God, share some of the pain of that animal”. And I think, at least, in my mind, I did. Who’s feast, who’s sacrifice?

    For a muslim, these killings are ordained and necessary, however cruel and inhuman or beastly it may seem to the rest of us. In some cases, the killings are random and chaotic, rather messy affairs, but in others they are absolutely clinical, yet overwhelmingly the prayers are of thanks to god and the pride of the act!

    These are but a few examples of the psychosis that this religion teaches and enforces on the human mind. As I have said in the previous post, it uses two basic and primitive psychological human conditions to utterly change a human being into something that is totally beastly: fear and hatred. Is it any wonder that the largest numbers of conversions occur in the US prison systems, among convicted criminals? I don’t have to prove that hatred (of their victims, and of conventions) is the most basic instinct a criminal has. It can’t be love, can it? Now Yusuf, please chew on this awhile.

  10. MoLawn, could you cite the scripture which you mentioned where god orders cruelty to animals? Perhaps you think what you describe is Islam, but I, for one Muslim, have NEVER participated in any such acts of cruelty.
    Here is are a few examples of your logic
    1) Stalin was atheist. He murdered millions of his own people, ergo athiests are mass murderers.
    2) American laws are based on judeo christian traditions. An overwhelming majority of prisoners in American jails are minorities (blacks and Hispanics) ergo judeo Christian philosophy is racist.
    3) Many Christian leaders have been found to participate in child abuse, adultry, homosexuality etc. Ergo, Christians are perverts
    4) slavery and colonization of African, Asian, and south American populations was, in part based on the notion that whites are more evolved (Darwin) ergo evolutionists are racists.
    I could go on and on, being totally unscientific, but I’m sure you get my point.
    What you are describing are cultural practices, not Islamic practices. If you were to read qur’an you would find that much of what you describe is actually un-Islamic.
    Did you know that Islam gave women equity in the 7th century C.E. ?They didn’t even get the right to vote in the west until the 20th century! Women participated in social, political and even military life from the very beginning of Islam.
    What you describe, a similar thing could be said about some group in any religion or belief set on earth. Think of your own beliefs and imagine them being attacked because someone or some group who claim similar beliefs behaves in a way contrary to your beliefs. No one is immune to this twisted version of “logic”

  11. Just two points before I go off to work (non-muslims in Malaysia have to pay more tax than the muslims, so we are encumbered). I am replying to Yusuf at comment #10, by the way.

    1. You said “..but I, for one Muslim, have NEVER participated in any such acts of cruelty…”. My response is quite simple: you are NOT a muslim. I would suggest that you refer to the koran and sayings of your prophet about killing animals as sacrifice. The mannerisms while cutting an animals throat, including which way to face, the swiftness of the strike, the sharpness of the blade, the bleeding to death of the animal, and the “dua” (prayer) as the animal is writhing in its death throes. These are all prescribed in immaculate detail. I don’t have to repeat it do I?

    Think deeply into it. Notice that in the end, this feast of sacrifice is about lust for flesh, hence cruelty. Perhaps this evening I will explain it in detail, if you have difficulty understanding it. Notice that animals feel pain, that is the reason they run away from you if you hurt it. You may try it on any animal you find in your house or neigbourhood (I would strongly discourage it, though).

    2. You said “…Did you know that Islam gave women equity in the 7th century C.E. ?..” Probably the word you should have used is “equality”, nonetheless. My response: You mean women did NOT have equality before islam? Bring me one neutral, reliable proof that before islam, no other culture, group or faith gave equal rights to women, and I swear I will convert right away! Show me proof (neutral party) that even in the land of your prophet, women were indeed tortured and endured cruelty beyond belief BEFORE the arrival of islam. Meanwhile, I have ample proof that it was AFTER islam that women were turned into chattel, fit only for sex and breeding, battered and sold just like the camels and cows.

    You think you can do that? BTW, who was your prophets first wife? What exactly was she doing BEFORE (i.e. BEFORE the prophet received his “revelations”) and during her marriage to your beloved prophet?

    See you later, alligator!

    (NB: one “historical fact” that muslims like to tell about their “overwhelming kindness” is apparently before islam, the girl child was killed – in fact, apparently they were buried alive after birth! Of course, the question then is “how did the prophet came to be?” was it through a donkey?)

  12. السلام عليكم
    Mowlawn, everything you said….about the cow story contradicts what is taught in the Qu’ran and the Sunnah. In fact, with a little investigation you may find that Islam hold animals in high esteem, and ritual slaughter is carried out in a fashion that causes the animal no distress. Other animals are not even allowed to witness the slaughter of another animal. It’s true. I know detractors of Islam love to say “Well, this is the way things are, Qu’ran or no Qu’ran” – but then we could start all sorts of nit-picking, couldn’t we? Is factory-farming a good representation of a how a “Christian” nation takes care of its farm animals?

  13. السلام عليكم
    Mowlawn, I used the phrase “American geopolitics” in place of “Islam” and “religion” and it seemed to make about as much sense.

  14. MoLawn. I have slaughtered many lambs and a few cattle, what’s your point? I’m afraid you are unaware that people eat meat, meat comes from animals (which have been killed) and animals have blood, which comes out of the animal. Your position seems to be that children should not witness this. Why?You think growing up thinking meat comes from plastic wrapped styrofoam in the supermarket is a good way to teach children about life?!? You state that this feast is about blood lust, but in truth it is about sharing your good fortune with the poor.
    BTW, if you don’t like where you are why don’t you go somewhere else, are you imprisoned?
    I asked you to cite examples so I could explain them to you and all you gave me was vague references, do you expect me to do your research as well as my own? sura and ayat number and/or hadeeth number and source would suffice, thanks.
    To return to the topic of meat, perhaps you could supply evidence that a steel bolt to the brain or a 22cal slug bouncing around inside the skull is more humane then bleeding out as a result of a quick cut with a sharp knife. I myself have received cuts from sharp devices and can verify that there is no pain involved in receiving such a cut
    Next point, I used the term equity properly! If you believe men and women are equal, let us all know when you give birth next time (if you are male) so we can congratulate you and praise you for your excellent knowledge of the english language, until then, I stand on my choice of words.
    Another point I would like to make is that The prophet Peace be upon him was born to a woman, the same as every other human being with the exception of Adam alayhe salaam and Issa alayhe salaam. Female infanticide is or was practiced in many places even in the 20th century (China, India) but children are still born!!
    I did not state that no women anywhere had equity (as I explained earlier equality of the sexes is a ridiculous concept). What I said (actually implied) was that Islam codified it. Even Christianity treated women as chattel (see 1st Timothy 2:12-14 and 1st Corinthians 11:5-10 to start).
    As for Khadijah may allah be pleased with her, she was a merchant with tribal protection. Please use proper logic in forming your arguments and stop embarrassing your self. It’s actually a bit embarrassing to me as well.

  15. hahaha! I love your islamologic! Cutting yourself and you did not feel pain? Hahahaha! That’s islamologic for you! Lets start cutting up people, heck they won’t feel pain. Islam says so! Oh so now we know why muslims love cutting people up. Hahahaha! Do you actually listen to yourself? Do you know how stupid it sounds? Oh my! That was too easy. You wanna a leg of lamb, just cut the lamb’s legs, it won’t feel pain. Islam says so. Hahahaha!

    I will come back to your other points in a little later, once I have finished laughing. Hahahahaha!

    Oh, and another thing, you said “BTW, if you don’t like where you are why don’t you go somewhere else, are you imprisoned?” Who are you to tell me where to go or not? I live where I want to, and do what I feel is right.

    Anyway, I am out of this islamoparadise very soon! I only live for my parents, who came to this country when this place was not the islamoutopia it has turned out to be. Once they are gone, I am out, just like many who are actively doing it today (just google malaysian emigration, and you’ll know what I mean. I don’t have to emphasise that in many islamoutopias the same thing is happening!) They have worked all their lives building what they thought they would leave for the betterment of those after them, but islam just simply destroyed it. Due to the infusion of islamic political and financial practices into the running of the country, Malaysia is going to the pits. It can’t even compete with the “little red dot” down south of us (Singapore). The assets of my parents are worth about 100% less than when they created it in the first place.

    Let that be a lesson to all Americans who think they can bring this filth into their polity. Once you start it, it won’t stop. It WILL destroy. However, they will still call it “utopia”.

    Ciao! More later.

  16. Ok, I am back. Lets go point by point.

    You said: “Your position seems to be that children should not witness this. Why?”

    Me: You mean your kids watch you having sex?

    You said: “…but in truth it is about sharing your good fortune with the poor.”

    Me: OMG! What kind of a religion is this? You share your good fortune by killing? You share your good fortune by watching animals writhing in pain, by watching it bleed to death? What kind of a filthy inhumane sort of philosophy is this? As I said in my previous comment, “whose festival, whose sacrifice?”.

    You said: “BTW, if you don’t like where you are why don’t you go somewhere else, are you imprisoned?”

    Me: I think I articulated quite well on this point in the previous post. I don’t want to go through that again. Be that as it may, I WAS a patriot. Would have died for the country, but islam just simply destroyed it. I have only to look into the eyes of my parent to feel the pain and anguish. A more thorough research on this point can be read elsewhere like here: http://bit.ly/gZTOeq particularly the part about Religious Autocracy.

    You said: “I asked you to cite examples…”

    Me: Why do I have to read that filth? I read it sometime ago, and it reviled me. I wanted to puke. Whenever I remember some of the stuff I read, it makes me physically sick. Since you want to wallow in the muck and filth, you do it. Leave me out of it. Please!

    I am only relating my experiences with people who actually practice and go about their life using the koran (and the accompanying crap) as a life manual. And they are quite proud of that fact! If you’ve watched the Thames Television serial in the 70s “The World at War”, you’ll notice that Hitler actually lived out Mein Kampf! This is not much different, but on a global scale!

    You said: “…perhaps you could supply evidence that a steel bolt to the brain or a 22cal slug bouncing around inside the skull is more humane then bleeding out as a result of a quick cut with a sharp knife…”

    Me: This is where islamologic builds up into a form of logic of its own! We know, at least most of us (:O) know that the brain is the centre of, not only intelligence, but of the life force itself. When we cut ourselves, say in our finger, its not the finger that feels the pain, but the brain. The brain is the one part of the body that controls it all. However, the koran refers to another part of the body. “galb” or heart in arabic seems to be allah’s control center. Of course muslims will tell you to not take it literally. Take if figuratively, they’ll say, like “heart of the city” or “heart of the act” etc. But when it comes to killing, the heart seems to be the centre of allah’s logic.

    Although I do not condone, nor do I practice ritual murder, I would rather if the animals that are to be cut up and eaten be given the most humane method to end its life. Clearly, the fastest way to die would be better, by normal human logic. And we also know the fastest way to die, which is by removing the factor that causes us to live, and its not the heart, its the brain! The human experience in science and in wars, especially, has shown that the best way to stop life is to destroy the brain. If you need to stop the suicide bomber from blowing up is to destroy the brain, a direct hit to the head. It is used effectively, especially in the middle east, and I think once in the US.

    Years of wars have shown that a direct shot to the head will be, in overwhelming number of cases, fatal i.e. dead, i.e. fastest death with very little pain sensation, since the brain, which gives out the pain signal, is no longer functioning. One of the most interesting things about the brain, which surprise, surprise, allah didn’t know about, is that the brain feel no pain! It has no pain sensory cells, unlike in other parts of the body! Ask your favourite brain surgeon if he uses anesthetics when he does cranial surgery. If he DOES anesthetise the brain, I am converting to islam today! LOL!

    So now, which is less painful, and more humane? Bleeding and writhing to death, or a slug to your head?

    Be back later.

  17. OK MoLawn , you win. Killing an animal for food IS the same as sex! I’m not sure how, but if someone of your obvious intellect and experience say it is, who am I to argue. The only reference available to support your arguement is the qur’an and you refuse to read it, so I understand now why you won’t cite any references. Here silly me thought a scientific paper or text book would suffice, but who am I to argue with MoLawn with over a decade of life experience to draw from. It’s no wonder your frustration caused you to use that language.
    Let me just say, MoLawn, I’m sorry to have ever had the audacity to…aaaaagghhhh, WHAT AM I SAYING?? GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!

  18. Ha! So now you understand why I won’t cite the verses? LOL!

    Look, you are trying to sell me a production manual for a Nissan, trying to convince me that, if you follow it, you can actually build a Porsche! Perhaps that’s the best analogy I can give. Not that I have anything against Nissan, btw!

    You are going to convince me of things contrary of what I saw, and keep seeing with my own eyes and hearing through my own ears. You are going to convince me (try to, anyway) that what I am seeing is actually a Porsche 918 Spyder, when in fact I know its a Nissan Versa. What anguishes me most is that even when someone is driving a Versa, he’s so convinced that he is driving a Porsche! Even when you implore him of the fact.

    Sure, sometimes the engine gets built at the rear, but that doesn’t instantly change it to a Porsche. A Volkswagen maybe. Not a Porsche, definitely.

    You will show me how the headlights gets built the same way. How the seats are made and how the pedals are built. The words may look astonishingly similar that an ignoramus will instantly buy it, but not me! Sorry…

    I’ve seen enough, heck, I see it everyday, and I know what it produces, no matter how well the manual was written. I also know what it doesn’t produce. I know exactly what its capable of. Predominantly I know that it hates the truth. When I say “hey, its actually a Nissan”, I will be threatened with death! When I say I don’t like it, and I want to change to a Toyota, the punishment is death! Imagine if all this are in the Nissan manual.

    I know the difference between a Nissan and a Porsche. BTW, I drive a Subaru. Won’t change in a million years.

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  20. @ MoLawn
    Are you atheist? If you are atheist, then you should know that animal sacrifice is forbidden.
    let’s discuss animal sacrifices in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Didn’t the God of Israel command Jews to sacrifice by animals ( offerings)? Did not Christians follow God’s Commandments of the Old Testament? Do you know what kosher and halal food is? What are the terms needed to make meat a kosher food? Please ask any Rabbi about kosher meat, and don’t discuss what you don’t know.

  21. MoLawn, you are stating incomplete facts and have distorted the teachings of Islam. Any muslim will tell you that, even a little muslim boy on a slum street will tell you that. I dont have time to induldge in most of your baseless arguments, but will correct one thing you have said.

    IT IS TRUE that non-muslims pay more tax than muslims… but next time MoLawn, try and be a bit more complete with your statements. Do not leave out facts like a demented circle that claims to be a perfect circle. YES, non-muslims pay more tax because muslims pay Zakaat, which is the equivalent of a non-muslims paying Jiza. It is compulsory for a muslims to give a percentage of its money to charity/the people that need it, in addition they pay tax. For a non-muslim, that extra tax goes to the needy. In the same case when a muslim pays zakaat.

    Clearly MoLawn is no different from the silly extremists and islamaphobes who do not see things in its totallity. When reading the Qu’ran and Hadiths, we must read and understand them in their totallity, otherwise a complete understanding cannot be obtained.

  22. MoLawn, someone who doesn’t even believe in God in London will tell you that Kosher/Halal meat is cleaner meat than non-Kosher/Halal meat, since the blood is cleaned out. Also, halal/kosher meat from animals are killed in a way where minimal harm is caused to the animal. NOT the way non-halal/kosher meat from animals are killed in such a way where the care for the animal doesnt exist, hence suffering of the animal is caused with non-halal/kosher meat.

  23. No matter how muslims try to hide it,the truth is that islam is a religion of violence that they muslims can deny but can,t ignore the truth.i live in a moslem society for years and with what i,ve seen no one can doubt the destructive nature of islam.its always crisis killing of innocent people all in d name of religion.many muslims are convertin 2 christianity upon realization of truth,but in secret coz if found out they,ll be killed.i hv much to say but time,ll not permeat.the conclusion is many muslims dont know d real nature of islam,coz if they know they,ll leave it n convert to others like what is happening in northern Nigeria were even d sons of prominent islamic clerics convert to christianity.