The Best of Inside Islam Here on Earth

All this week Here on Earth is rebroadcasting some of the best of the Inside Islam radio series.

Listen along or stream from the archives.

2 thoughts on “The Best of Inside Islam Here on Earth

  1. These programs give me mix feelings, on the one hand i am happy that the radio is giving muslims opportunities to share their religion and knowledge with non-muslims and the on the other hand i feel disappointed that very limited count of muslims are taking this opportunities.

    You don’t have to be fluent in english for people to understand you, just try. Lets share this beautiful religion with others not allow others to destroy the beauty in it. I don’t know much but i’m trying, so help me out.

  2. Hi Lamin,

    This is Joe, one of the producers of “Here on Earth.” You have an insightful comment here about the “Inside Islam” rebroadcasts and it begs for further discussion. Do you mind if we use it in an upcoming mailbag segment? We’ll air your thoughts along with other calls and e-mails about the rebroadcasts.


    JH – Here on Earth