Student Reporter on UW Campus Muslims

UW students Dalia Saleh and Akbar Yakub (credit: Mary Langenfeld)

UW students Dalia Saleh and Akbar Yakub (credit: Mary Langenfeld)

This is a guest post by Clare Milliken, a UW-Madison undergraduate majoring in journalism. She recently published a story about the Muslim student community on campus in the Isthmus newspaper.

Working as a reporter opens your eyes to the world, allowing you an intimate look into others’ lives, cultures, and experiences. Never have I appreciated this ability as much as I did writing on UW’s Muslim community.

I began my research on a December Thursday at the Muslim Students Association meeting at Memorial Union. I tried, as much as possible, to immerse myself in Muslim students’ lives, from musical tastes to prayer practices. After 20 interviews, secondary research, and my first Friday service at a local mosque, I began writing the piece in the hopes of granting other people this “reporter’s window.”

This project would not have been possible without the help of countless students, professors, and university administrators. I am indebted to you all for your help and for allowing me into your personal lives. It is my foremost hope that I have given voice to the experiences of Muslim students on this campus.

Correction: In the “More on the Web” section of the Isthmus article, “Inside Islam” is listed twice as a UW-Madison blog and a Wisconsin Public Radio blog respectively. The fact is that “Inside Islam” is a multimedia collaboration between UW-Madison’s area and international studies programs and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders. It consists of a blog, this one, a radio series, and related web content that you can access through the links to the right.

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