Inside Islam Radio: Review and Preview

On the most recent Inside Islam radio show, Islam and Science, Jean talked with George Saliba, professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Columbia and a leading expert on the history of Islamic science, and Ehsan Masood, author of Science and Islam: A History.  In addition, the show aired a recorded interview with Nidal Guessom, professor of physics and astronomy at the American University of Sharjah.

The show explored the contributions of scientists under the Islamic Empire and the role they played in the rise of modern science.  The questions discussed included:

  • Why have the contributions of these scientists been ignored?
  • What role can religion play in advancing science?
  • What were the reasons for the decline of Islamic science?
  • What is the state of scientific inquiry in the Islamic world?

In general, the show shed light on an important part of scientific history and generated discussion even after its airing with a blog entry on .

The next Inside Islam radio show will air on March 11th and will focus on the art of reciting the Qur’an. The Qur’an may be one of the world’s most misunderstood texts. Many do not realize that there is an aesthetic dimension that plays a central role in eliciting an emotive response in the listener. The show will explore this aesthetic aspect in order to shed light on the Qur’an.

Have you ever heard the Qur’an recited? What was your reaction? Do you think that there is an emotive response to Qur’anic recitation? Why? Do you have a specific Qur’anic reciter that you enjoy listening too? Is there something about Qur’anic recitation you have always wanted to ask? Please leave your comments and questions below and they may appear on the air on the next Inside Islam show.

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