Islam and Science Radio Show

al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham, father of the modern scientific method and the first to give an accurate account of optics

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the contributions of scientists during the Islamic empire and how they have often been glossed over. Next Thursday, January 28th, the next Inside Islam radio show will take up the topic of Islam and Science. Professor George Saliba from Columbia and Professor Jim Al-Khalili from the University of Surrey will  join host Jean Feraca to explore the contributions of scientists from that period, the reasons for the decline, and the role of science in the modern Muslim world.

Among the important questions for the discussion will be: What were the scientific contributions of the Islamic empire to modern science? Why are these contributions forgotten in narratives about the rise of modern science? Why was there a “decline” after such a glorious past? And what kind of scientific developments are occurring now in the Muslim world to regain the spirit of scientific inquiry that once defined the empire?

These are not the only questions for this discussion, and we welcome your input into the show. Please share your comments and questions below or on the air.

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