Inside Islam Wins Brass Crescent Award

brasscrescentThe Inside Islam team returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to discover, much to everyone’s surprise and delight, that Inside Islam has been named one of the winners of the 2009 Brass Crescent Awards. To find ourselves in the company of influential Muslim bloggers from all over the world is thrilling, and to be recognized for a “groundbreaking effort” is a great reward, especially for those of us who plunged into this project with a lot of faith, but very little prior experience. We are humbled and honored. On behalf of our entire team, please accept our sincere gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Inside Islam Wins Brass Crescent Award

  1. My sincerest congratulations to everyone on the blogging team! Inside Islam is definitely one of my favorite sites for educated, nuanced commentary and opinion on all things Islamic.

  2. As’salamualaykum,
    Yayy, that’s fantastic news. I’m very glad you won, along with Imam Suhaib winning top place, and Mr Moo, Jannah blog and MM also being honoured.

    Our upcoming Muslimness Blogsite was nominated this year and I only recently found out! Peace to you, insha’allah may I.I. have greater success and impact.