“Meet the Taqwacores” on MSNBC

A couple of weeks ago, Inside Islam aired a radio show on “The Taqwacores” and we posted a series of blog entries on the punk movement in the US. You can listen to the broadcast and browse all of the posts about Taqwacores on Inside Islam by clicking here.

The following video from NBC Nightly News features our guests from that radio show — author of The Taqwacores Michael Muhammad Knight and drummer for the Kominas Imran Malik. The video highlights other individuals and bands who are also struggling to articulate this new Muslim punk genre of music and what it means to a mainstream audience.

“Meet the Taqwacores”

Today, we include the video as a continuation of the conversation about “punk Islam” and invite you to share any thoughts about the video or other resources about punk music, Islam, and the Taqwacores in the comments section below. Please feel free to send us an email with your thoughts as well.

The embedded video in this post is from the NBC network. Any commercials are part of the video as posted and not controlled by Inside Islam.

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