Altmuslimah and Prom

Photo by Jean Pieri of The Pioneer Press.

Photo by Jean Pieri / The Pioneer Press.

Altmuslimah is a branch of altmuslim, a blog we’ve written about before on Inside Islam that has critical, independent thought on Islam today. Altmuslimah, on the other hand, focuses on the gender divide within Islam and opens up discussion about important issues like the women’s movement for equality in Islam recently launched as The Musawah Movement. Here in this post on Inside Islam, we outlined the emerging debates and global significance of such a movement and invite readers to leave their own thoughts as well.

Contributors to altmuslimah include the founder of the media and popular culture blog Muslimah Media Watch Fatemeh Fakhraie. Fatemeh pointed out a recent piece about prom that I think opens up an interesting discussion about culture and Muslim identity in the US.

In “A Muslimah prom” president of the American Muslim Women’s Association of Arizona Jacqueline Freeman-Ennaffah writes about her experience at The Al-Muminah Graduation Reception. The reception provides an inter-generational prom-like environment that is also different from traditional proms in that it is all-female and closed to photography.  She writes that:

In this place, surrounded by love and support, celebrated and honored, these girls, these women, bloomed. Their perfume sweet and heavy in the air, radiated, permeated, elevated us all to a place of movement and bliss, unity and power, strength and individuality. As women, as Americans, as Muslims, as humans. How appropriate that its beginnings were in the garden of someone’s home.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of this. For many communities around the country, such an event is almost unimaginable.

The post about “A Muslimah Prom” and the real-life social event are part of a new set of Islamic traditions in the US. Do you think Muslimah proms could happen in other communities throughout the country? Have you been to a Muslimah prom? Do you find these new traditions empowering? Please feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email with your thoughts.

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