Changing the Story about Islam

An online resource center and interfaith project called Change the Story offers a new way to engage in dialogues about religion at the local level. The aim is to stimulate conversation about the story of Islam and its complexity, which is often missed in mainstream media.

An introductory video for the project juxtaposes these mainstream images with more positive ones. The video is included below.

Apart from posting full-length interviews with Muslims, Change the Story has also organized a list of resources for educators and religious leaders to tailor conversations about Islam for their local communities. In doing so, the project continues dialogue and encourages other people to share their own thoughts. There are also additional resources for individuals that include information about exchange programs and links to learn more about American Muslims and Islam.

The project has partnered with another initiative called 20,000 Dialogues to create a map of every conversation to date. Sharing the aim of Change the Story to learn more about American Muslims and Islam, the project 20,000 Dialogues provides films and other materials that people need to participate in furthering “the American ideals of inclusiveness and positive civic action.”

Change the Story is a special project in the fact that it allows people to participate online and on the local level. As these two types of participation work in tandem, the project and its partners have begun a nation wide initiative that tells people something about religion in America. The story is about diversity, shared civic action, and pluralism. It is a story not only about Islam, but also about collaboration between faith traditions in today’s world.

Do you think that Change the Story could serve as a new model for interfaith projects in different countries around the world? We’d like to hear your thoughts about similar projects with a local impact and how they could spread information about Muslims and Islam worldwide. Please share your opinions in a comment below or send us a message by email.

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