Hip-Hop Documentaries

An emerging trend is the appearance of films about Muslim hip-hop. Today on Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates, we quickly outline three of them and include their trailers below. First, the upcoming Deen Tight is a film about how hip-hop has influenced the lives of Muslims around the world, starting in the United States. Second, Slingshot Hip-Hop follows Palestinian rappers as they examine their experiences of being discriminated in the region and their Arab roots. Rather than follow a group of musicians, the last documentary New Muslim Cool, focuses on the story of Puerto Rican American rapper Hamza Perez who stopped using drugs twelve years ago, converted to Islam, and now is part of the rap duo M-team.

To get a better sense of each documentary film, watch the trailers below to hear more about their stories.

Deen Tight

Slingshot Hip-Hop

New Muslim Cool

Do you know of any other Muslim hip-hop documentaries? Do you have any hip-hop groups or rappers to recommend here on Inside Islam? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments section or send them in an email message.

Update: 5/2/2009: Blogger Jillian C. York reviews Slingshot Hip-Hop and highlights other Arab hip-hop scenes like that in Morocco. Earlier on Inside Islam, we also had a discussion about the documentary I Love Hip-Hop in Morocco.

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