Hijablogging and Islamic Fashion

The hijab, one of the most prominent symbols of Islam, is apparently undergoing a modernization. According to a post by Global Voices blogger Jillian C. York, the trend is highly visible online. Blogs dedicated to hijabi fashion and personal experiences of wearing one can be found around the Internet. Below is a video from one so-called hijab blogger, and at the end of this entry, you will find a list of other sites to check out in addition.

Videoblogger Paintyourworld tells the virtual world about how she defines beauty in this entry posted on YouTube:

High fashion is one of the most popular subjects on hijab blogs. Take designer Saouli for instance. She is one of many designers leading the way in modest, yet trendy (and even couture) Islamic dress. Hijablog follows such designers and other hijab fashion trends. In fact, one entry points to a style complete with aviator sunglasses by another innovative designer Nadiah Ramli.

Hijablog is not without serious commentary as well. The hijab has become a politically charged symbol that some people associate with the oppression of Muslim women in images used in the mainstream news. For this reason, many Muslim bloggers have taken on dress as part of their social commentary about Islam. Achelois, for instance, takes on the entire history of Islamic dress in this post. Her ultimate point is that hijabi dress is part of a larger story of women’s fashion in the Arab world. She writes:

When Islam came to Arabia, Arabs continued benign cultural practices and some religious practices which were beneficial to society, building, in the process, new religious norms which are now called Islamic practices. What we fail to accept and realise [sic] today is that Islam did not come out of nothing. It is a practical religion, a way of life which modified the ways of life that already existed in Arabia. By no means did Islam declare that all pagan, Christian and Jewish practices were immediately invalid, but those practices were continuously revised and modified.

Hijab blogs represent a fascinating spectrum of perspectives and interests related to Islam in the modern world. In many ways, this topic bridges culture and religion to come up with a more nuanced understanding of both. For a more complete look at the hijab in today’s world as well as the culture and political issues associated with the veil as a symbol of Islam and femininity, please browse the recommended links below for further reading.


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  • Hijabulous: Exceptionally stylish yet conforming to Islamic dress code. A hijabi’s guide to staying fabulous in Southern California.
  • Hijabi Couture: Blogger Francesca Najea Lujan writes about her drive to fashion design as a form of creative self-expression.
  • Hijabs High: International street style from fabulous hijabistas – “Hold your hijabs high!”
  • Hijabi Style: a blog devoted to Hijab, hijab styles, hijab fashion, hijab questions and just chat about how to wear hijab and life as a modern Muslimah.
  • Is there food in my Niqaab?
  • Nuseiba: To amplify, contribute and shed light on the myriad of voices and experiences of Muslim women.
  • Random Hijabi
  • Stylish Muslimah: The Muslim Vogue

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Special thanks to Jillian C. York for an extended list of hijablogs.

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  2. Nuseiba isn’t a hijab blog. lol. Yes, we write about the hijab at times, but it’s not dedicated to the hijab.