Eboo Patel on White House Faith-Based Partnerships

In an earlier post here on Inside Islam, we announced President Obama’s expansion of federal funding to faith-based and community partnerships. Executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core Eboo Patel opened up in an interview on CNN about President Obama’s decision to expand federal funding and support interfaith cooperation. He also addressed criticism that religious organizations are more likely to discriminate against potential employees on the basis of personal belief.

Who will be responsible for how religious organizations use federal funds and monitor their hiring practices? Patel answers that the White House has a large role in refining the application process to help allocate funds to the right partner organizations for the right reasons. He also emphasizes the past success and growing number of young interfaith leaders as an additional guarantee of religious diversity and individual rights. For more from Eboo Patel’s interview, watch the video below.

Do you agree that we live in an era of interfaith cooperation? Are interfaith dialogues important to people around the world? Do you think President Obama and Eboo Patel are going about this in the most productive way? If you have a comment to share on Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates, please leave it below or send it along via email!

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