Juan Cole on Engaging the Muslim World

A past program in the Inside Islam radio series “Reaching Out to the Muslim World” covered President Obama’s promise to alter the course of the Bush administration’s war on terror in his inaugural address. Informed Comment blogger and Middle East historian Juan Cole joins host Jean Feraca Wednesday at 3 pm on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders for a live show about ways of “Engaging the Muslim World” with diplomacy and dialogue.

Dr. Cole recently released a new book — Engaging the Muslim World. The book opens discussion about the next steps needed to repair and build new diplomatic ties with countries in the Muslim world. In a recent interview, the Washington Note’s Steve Clemons said Dr. Cole presents a refreshing interpretation of Middle Eastern politics and an enlightened approach to future relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

How should we engage with countries in the Muslim world? Leave your thoughts below in a comment or send us an email. Comments may even be read by Jean Feraca live on the air.

Update: Listen to the recorded version of “Engaging the Muslim World” by clicking on the player below or download it here.


Last Update: April 2, 2009.

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