Heavy Metal in Baghdad Update

The first radio program in the Inside Islam series was “Heavy Metal Islam” on September 25, 2008. One of our guests on that show, Suroosh Alvi, co-directed a the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad. In the film (which is now available to view online for free) we meet Acrassicauda, the only heavy metal band in Iraq. The band has now moved to New Jersey after being exiled in Turkey.

Acrassicauda resurfaced on NPR’s Fresh Air in an interview on March 17th. Since the time of the documentary, the world and band members of Acrassicauda have seen the country continue to crumble after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The new goals of the Obama administration in Iraq include restoring stability to the government and helping cope with the country’s refugee crisis.

Do you think that will mean that bands and other people who have left the country will return and help stabilize the country as well? What do you think about the situation in Iraq today? Do you believe that heavy metal is unislamic? Should heavy metal play a part in reconstructing Iraq as well? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below or send us a message via email.

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