Love and Dating in the Muslim World: True Stories of Finding Love

Next on the Inside Islam radio series: Love and Dating in the Muslim World: True Stories of Finding Love. Do Muslims date? If they don’t date, how do they decide whom to marry? To investigate the changing nature of Muslim courtship, Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders is collecting love stories from Muslims living in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll be hearing them in the Valentine’s Day edition of Inside Islam on Thursday, February 18 (rescheduled from February 12) when we talk with the BBC’s Navid Akhtar, producer of the series “Modern Muslim Marriage.” Akhtar talked to young people in Britain, Malaysia, and Iran about their hopes, frustrations, and expectations about finding a mate, Muslim women who marry outside their faith, Muslim women who initiate divorce and Muslim divorcees looking for love again. But don’t call it dating. Dating is what non-Muslims do and it almost always leads to something sinful. Do you have a great story to tell? Give your opinion! Share your views! Tell your story! Make your comments below!

Update: February 10, 2009: The show has been moved to Wednesday, February 18, 2009. Also, you can listen to a radio promo posted on the radio show page for this show (link in the update below).

Update: February 6, 2009: The radio show page for “Love and Dating in the Muslim World” is now live. Find out how to listen to the show online, on the radio, or subscribe to our podcast. Also, check back for updated information on the show and additional resources on related topics leading up to the broadcast.

Afghan Stories

Afghani Girls in Kabul (Photo by Paula Lerner, 2005)

Afghani Girls in Kabul (Photo by Paula Lerner, 2005)

Today Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders will air a program about the hidden lives of the women of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Host Jean Feraca will be joined by photojournalist Paula Lerner. Lerner complied a gallery of photos from Afghanistan for the exhibit “Afghan Stories” available for online viewing and on display in five New England venues in 2008-2009. According to a review by The Bowdoin Orient, Lerner’s photos present a “much different picture of a war-torn country” than images of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden in the mainstream news.

Can photos challenge us to think about war in places like Afghanistan in new ways? What do you think about the future of conflict in the region? Do you have any other alternative images to share? We would like to hear your thoughts on air or in the comments below. You can listen live to the broadcast at 3:00 pm CST either online on the Ideas Network or on the radio if you live in a Wisconsin Public Radio station area. The program will also be included in the Inside Islam radio series podcast as a related show if you wish to listen at a later date.

A Jihad for Love

Jihad for Love (Halal Flims, 2007)

Jihad for Love (Halal Flims, 2007)

The documentary film A Jihad for Love follows the lives of gay and lesbian Muslims living in places around the world, including Egypt, Iran, India, Turkey, Canada, and France. The film follows these individuals in underground subcultures for homosexual communities in Muslim countries and as immigrants to the West where their lifestyles are more acceptable in public. The main storyline of the film centers on a homosexual Imam from South Africa, Muhsin Hendricks, who was once partnered with a woman in an arranged marriage, is now divorced and is still close with his three children. He says at one point that the marriage was out of guilt for having feelings towards men and pressure to conform with religious norms in the Muslim community in Capetown.

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