Stories of Love and Dating in the Muslim World Today on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders

Photo by Tina Manley

Photo by Tina Manley

Today Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders will air the next program in our Inside Islam Radio Series “Love and Dating in the Muslim World: True Stories of Falling in Love.” The show airs live at 3:00 pm CST today and is re-broadcast at 9:00 pm. To find out how to listen, click here to visit the radio show page for this program. Also on the page, you will find bios for our guests and full audio for the pre-recorded interviews with local Muslims on their stories of love, dating, and marriage.

The topics range from dating in Turkey, hiding relationships from parents, eight-year courtships, the engagement contract, an impromptu proposal in a roadside ditch, modernizing traditions and working wives who are separated from their husbands in school, and even the story of a Catholic convert marrying a Somali woman. All of these are available for you to listen here on Inside Islam: Dialogue and Debates. What is your marriage or dating story and will you share it with us? Please leave a comment below or send us an email with your response.

3 thoughts on “Stories of Love and Dating in the Muslim World Today on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders

  1. It is really sad that women are seen as lower class than men. However it is the same all over the world – it is not just about Muslim countries.

    For instance in the UK there are very few reported rapes, and the ones that are reported are not likely to make it to a court. And this from a so called civilised country.

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  2. Hi,
    What a real eye opener for us americans! We just don’t know how lucky we are! I can’t imagine having to deal with these kind of soclal road blocks just to find a mate! The muslim word has a long way to go before it ever come close to having the freedoms we in the west enjoy!