US and the Muslim World

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On January 20, Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. What is the state of relations between the United States and the Muslim world? How can the new president alter the course of the Bush administration and reach out to Muslims? What are the chances that dialogue and diplomacy will take precedence over a call to arms? What steps do Muslims think the new president should take to repair damages and rebuild trust?

Do you have any other questions you would like to discuss about US relations with the Muslim world at this beginning of a new era? Share your thoughts on these topics below and then join us on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders Thursday, January 22 at 3:00pm to discuss them.

10 thoughts on “US and the Muslim World

  1. I think the first step to be taken in this direction is to dispel all the wrong notions held by the Americans against Islam and the Muslims. Currently, there is an organised campaign of calumny against anything Islamic. There is so much hatred against Muslims in the West now that killing of Muslim civilians and even women and children &such as happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon and currently Palestine( are not only considered as acceptable but also commendable.
    Remenber, if majority of Muslims should hold the same view about christians and jews, there will not be peace in this world.

  2. The world is filled with non christains and if America thinks the zionist state of isreal is a christain state a day will come when they will be struck by the same jews only time will tell. we in the muslim world expect little or nothing from barrack hussein obama he has nothing islamic in him he has confirm that he will defend the jew perhaps not so blindly like the bush man of texas.we have our faith in god who is the best of planners.islam shall never be dimmed by the zion.

  3. The advertisement for today’s program stated something like, “What is it about that veil”?
    I remember as a young, Protestant, “English”girl growing up in a predominantly Polish, Roman Catholic area wondering “What is it about those beads?” and “Why the big deal about fish on Friday?”
    Not so different from the wondering about and comments on the Muslim faith.

    Thank you,


  4. As a Western country we cherish freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, in countries where Islam is in the majority, the opposite is true. Millions of Christians have been persecuted with death, rape and the vandalizing of their churches. There are virtually no Jews living in Muslim countries as they have already been ethnically cleansed after Israel, the Jewish state, was founded in 1948. Why should western cultures offer tolerance of Islam when that tolerance is not reciprocated in Muslim countries toward Jews and Christians?

    The argument that most Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant. In Germany, most Germans were not Nazis but that did not stop the Nazis from taking control and terrorizing its non-Nazi population. Even if the majority of Muslims are not terrorists or do not support terror, they have shown neither the ability nor the desire to reign in the terrorist element. Because Islam is classified by ignorant people as just a religion, they cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Islam is also a movement that is political, ideological, and all-encompassing. It is the same as Nazism but worse because in this politically correct culture, we focus only on its religious component but fail to study its political and aggressive militaristic nature in history as well as what is happening today. We also deny or ignore the atrocities and genocides committed by Islam in order to dominate its empire as well as spreading itself through its military plunder.

  5. Offending Muslims!? Please! As an American I am offended that Muslims – radical or not – think they can kill and maim Americans because their book says it is ok to do so. Aren’t you? I am offended that the “peaceful” Muslims are not reigning in the “radicals”. I am offended that Muslims openly show hostility toward Jews and have an anti-Semitic bent that is embedded in their faith. I am offended as an American that a Muslim took about $500,000 worth of free education provided by the American tax payer to become a doctor and then preached hatred of the country that gave him that opportunity. A Muslim was given a better life and then turned his gun on his fellow American soldiers because Allah said that it was a good thing to do.

  6. Jean Faraca……..Why do you keep cover this evil religion? Their actions speak LOUDER than their words. They say they are peaceful. But, they murder at will…. And, preach to kill the infidel. You must be a Muslin to keep this reporting every night. I am sick of hearing about them.

  7. Jean Feraca – On yesterday’s show you characterized the sinful deeds of a minority of Roman Catholic Priests as “an epidemic”. While the media has made the most of the various instances, it is hardly an “epidemic”. Many of the cases go back decades, many allegations have proven to be without substance, and more to your point, the numbers are relatively small. A university study (non-Catholic) has estimated that 0.5% to 1.7% of Catholic Priests are guilty of sexual abuses. Is it just to call that “an epidemic”? If you think so, then you have some more serious “epidemics” to cover, for the same study estimated that 2% to 3% of Protestant ministers are likewise guilty. Jewish Rabbis …also 2% to 3%. School teachers in general…10%. While greater abuses do not in any way justify lesser ones, let’s be fair about this, shall we? In conclusion, you should also be aware that in light of these cases, the Catholic Church has taken vigorous measures to eliminate such abuses in the future.

  8. i don’t think so..

    we don’t keep our GOOD RELIGION “ISLAM”..

    can you see??.. theres a lot of
    Christian people embrace ISLAM
    it is because they saw the coorect religion,,

    and those people who are terrorists are not muslim because they’re bad..