East Meets West Radio Series

To the Best of Our Knowledge produced a five-part radio series called “East Meets West” in 2007 that relates nicely to what we do here at Inside Islam. The TTBOOK series includes interviews with prominent Muslim voices ranging from scholars to bloggers to hip-hop artists. Below is a summary of the series, along with titles and short descriptions for each of the five segments.

East Meets West Series

A Clash of Civilizations?” (Part 1)
A round-up of prominent Western and Muslim intellectuals debate the conflicting world views that spark tensions between East and West. Also, Pakistani rocker Salman Ahmad (“The Bono of Asia”) on the liberating power of rock and roll.

Dharma Days, Yoga Nights” (Part 2)
A look at America’s romance with Eastern spirituality: How did dharma retreats and yoga vacations become part of the Western lifestyle? Buddhist teachers explain what Buddhism has to offer a consumer culture. Also, how the Beatles brought Eastern spirituality to the West.

A New Silk Road” (Part 3)
The ancient trading routes through Persia, India, and China were once the crossroads between East and West. Is the blogosphere the new Silk Road? Hear heartrending emails between an American professor and an Iraqi colleague. And renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma explains his quest to bring together the classical music traditions of East and West.

A Culture in the Crossroads” (Part 4)
Celebrated ‘Bollywood’ filmmaker Mira Nair talks about the risks and joys of making cross-cultural movies like “Monsoon Wedding” and “The Namesake.” Also, a Pakistani comedian finds the funny side of losing his faith in Islam and an Iraqi heavy-metal band risks their lives to feel the noise.

Encountering Islam” (Part 5)
Can Muslims assimilate in the secular West? Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan says it has already happened, while the exiled ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali disagrees. Also, Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco explains how he reconciles his music with his Muslim faith.

You can listen to Inside Islam’s radio broadcasts on many of these and related topics, such as the Muslim blogosphere, heavy metal in the Middle East, and so on by clicking here for programs aired in 2008. We will continue to address a wide variety of related topics in 2009. Do you have an idea for a radio program? You can leave a suggestion for a show on the radio series page, send us an email, or comment below.

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