The Brass Crescent

Fellow Wisconsinite and blogger Aziz Poonawalla contacted me after reading about Inside Islam on ReadWriteWeb. He has two interesting web projects, the Brass Crescent Awards, ending this Friday so vote now, and the group blog Talk Islam. After a description of these, you can read more about Aziz’s bio with his other sites below.

The Brass Crescent Awards

Aziz coined the term The Brass Crescent to describe all the new media projects on the web that are devoted to discussion of modern Islam. The Brass Crescent Awards, created in 2004 in collaboration with Shahed Amanullah editor-in-chief of altmuslim, honor and promote the best Muslim bloggers involved in this movement. The annual Brass Crescent Award categories include best new blog, best female blog, and best group blog. If you don’t know where to dive in, check out the best post or series category first for innovative and clever selections, including MuslimLOLCats.

Talk Islam

Talk Islam is another of Aziz’s start-up sites. Perhaps he describes Talk Islam best in calling the group blog the “central nexus of the Islamosphere’s most popular bloggers.” Writers and thinkers from the Muslim blogosphere are invited to post links, short commentary, and entries from their sites for discussion.

Talk Islam generates a lively discussion about modern Islam by people who represent a variety of expertise and opinions. Bloggers who post on the site whose work we have mentioned on Inside Islam include Tariq Nelson, Fatemeh from Muslimah Media Watch, and, of course, Aziz. Check out the site to read what they and others are posting about today on Talk Islam.


Aziz Poonawalla has been blogging since 2002. He writes for City of Brass, Talk Islam, and the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, each with their own distinct style and readership. Aziz is the common link between these three. He describes his blogging as “a perspective of a Muslim in the West.” Generally speaking, he writes about Islam, politics, humor, and technology.

UPDATE: The Brass Crescent Award Winners were announced today. Click here to see a full list of the nominees, winners, and honorable mentions.

Posted on December 20, 2008.

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