Questions from Today’s Radio Program on Women and Sharia

In today’s radio program “Women and Sharia” host Jean Feraca brought up a couple engaging questions that we’d like to follow-up on here on the blog. Jean introduced the show by saying:

Every year in Muslim countries throughout the world women are reported gang raped, imprisoned, mutilated, stoned to death and otherwise killed in the name of Shari’a, Islamic law. Is this really Shari’a? How can custom be separated from law? Who speaks for Muslim women?

Who speaks for Muslim women?

Let us know what you think. You can leave thoughts in the comments section below. Also, you can listen to our pre-recorded interviews with Amna Buttar and Norhayati Kaprawi. They are posted here on the radio show page for “Women and Sharia.”

The mp3 file for the program will be up shortly as well. Thanks for listening today and I hope to hear from interested Here on Earth listeners as we continue to post about issues of women’s rights and sharia on Inside Islam.

3 thoughts on “Questions from Today’s Radio Program on Women and Sharia

  1. Thats the thing, they are killing in the name of shariah, but not because shariah says so.

    Most, if not ALL of these are closely tied to cultural & tribal issues. Caste systems, double standards – the very things that shariah is against, these fools use it to fuel their sick actions.

    Reading the snippet of the pakistani women buried alive. Let me say this:

    Islam, our Prophet & Shariah came at a time when arabs used to bury their own daughters alive! Islam wiped this barbaric act away. It gave women rights, gave them status.

    That case in pakistan, its not shariah, its stupid tribal cultural issues.

  2. Sharia or Islam has given great regards to women. It’s like your family tells u not to take drugs…its bad for you, but a teenager still opts for it. That individual can be wrong or blamed, but not the entire family. Likewise if women are victims, then the individual to be blamed, not Islam or Sharia. Even if a Muslim does a wrong deed, he is answerable to Allah Almighty.

    Islam is a religion of Peace.
    Anyone can experience it.

    Best Regards

  3. Islam mentioned and gave rights to women which make women highest in regards

    they r to be loved respected cared for protected and believe me a true muslim give great respect to there
    mother wife sister daughter

    the right to choose ones life partner is granted to a muslim lady