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Naeem Mayet joins Inside Islam today as a guest blogger to post about the site MyUmmah, an aggregation of interesting articles and works on Islam from Muslim authors. Naeem is a blogger, graphic designer, photographer, and web strategist. I met him on Twitter, where he recommended some interesting web sites from South Africa. Those links are included below at the end of his post.

Inside Islam always welcomes bloggers from around the world to join us in engaging others in dialogues and debates about Islam. As Naeem says in today’s guest post, these issues deserve to be discussed in an open and civil way. Thanks for joining us, Naeem.

Naeem Mayet: MyUmmah

Islamic content for the Ummah by the Ummah

Initially MyUmmah started quite small. Whenever I read interesting Islamic articles, short stories and similar pieces online – I save it on my pc. WordPress made it easier for me to publish these online. I figure, if i am benefitting from this, why not let others benefit. So at the end of December 2007 I started MyUmmah – Islamic content for the Ummah by the Ummah.

Back then I used to get maybe 4 or 5 readers daily. Today on quiet days it’s about 250 and busy days about 400 readers! – Made tons of friends from local boys and girls to high ranking Islamic clerics. Ended up doing a non profit hajj website, a madresah website and a palestinian activist website. All of them are MyUmmah readers.

Topics vary — sometimes I’ll post short stories dealing with good morals, manners and similar topics. Other times I’ll post some updates from Afghanistan and other countries. Sometimes Sunnah, hadith — anything really. I have a bunch of sites in my Google reader and several readers regularly contribute articles, poetry, and photographs.

Most times, I do my best to keep topics short and to the point – Articles rarely exceed 1 page, and I try to keep it in basic and simple English.

Readers vary – some find me too progressive, while others find the site controversial (with the Jihadi stuff) – As I always say, I’m just posting an article, if you do not agree then post a comment and we can debate and discuss it in a civil matter.

MyUmmah is ranked South Africa’s number one religion blog according to the country’s blog aggregator,

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