Muslim Alliance in North America

Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) held their 2008 Annual Conference in Philadelphia last month. The conference focused on a range of topics and perspectives from guest speakers. Amad, a writer for MuslimMatters, concluded his blog series on the conference today. It’s an innovative, thought-provoking piece of new media because it transcends the image of Islam that you hear and see in mainstream sources.

Pluralism in Islam

While MANA’s goals focus on the Muslim community’s needs, their work to advance economic and social problems contributes “social capital” to society more broadly. The conference is a concrete look at pluralism in Islam at work, which is not usually something you can read in the newspaper or see on TV. Amad blogs about his interviews guest speakers, informal conversations about Muslim issues, and posted an extensive photo library of each day’s events.

Complete coverage of MANA’s Second Annual Conference by Amad is available on MuslimMatters.

One thought on “Muslim Alliance in North America

  1. I like the idea of building social capital to solve the community’s problems. It’s an underused concept for minority groups. Hooray for social media for aiding that!