Muslim West Facts Project Asks “Who Speaks for Islam?”

The Muslim West Facts Project is an initiative between the Coexist Foundation and the Gallup Organization. Through statistical surveys and reports, the effort aims to measure and spread evidence of the diversity of Muslim voices from around the world. The project is part of the Gallup World Poll, a collection of indicators of the well-being of all 6 billion world citizens.

Just as videoblogger Ali Ardekani asks “Who Hijacked my Religion?” the Muslim West Facts Project asks a similar question”Who speaks for Islam?” When Islam-related issues are covered in the mainstream U.S. news, not only are the opinions of actual Muslims frequently missing, but viewers and readers are also often presented with a haphazard confusion of terrorism and other topics.

The mission of the Muslim Facts Project is to correct for Islamophobia and collect substantial evidence of where Muslims stand on important issues like democracy, culture, education, and of course, religion. Their reports incorporate research and stats from polls in 40 “predominately Muslim” nations and in Muslim majority communities in the West to initiate an informed conversation about Islam-related issues.

One issue covered by the project that relates to our next Inside Islam radio program is gender. The project succinctly lays out a list of surveys and reports about gender.

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