Live interview with Reza Aslan on 29 October 2008

Media commentator, writer and scholar of religion Reza Aslan will join host of Here on Earth: Radio without Borders Jean Feraca for Inside Islam’s second radio show. Discussion about young Muslims and new media opens online before the show airs on October 29, 2008. We want your input. Ask Reza Aslan a question or suggest a topic on this post. Click here to comment. Bio, interview, and recent work available after the break.

Young Muslims and New Media

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Photo Credits. Hooman Majd (Source); Reza Aslan (Source); New York Times (Source)


Guest Bio:

Reza Aslan is a fellow at the University of Southern California and Middle East Analyst for CBS News. Aslan is cofounder of BoomGen Sudios and executive for, an online community for Muslim youth. Aslan has written articles in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and The Washington Post. He has also appeared on Meet the Press, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Nightline. His first book, No god but God, has been translated into twelve different languages since it’s release in 2005. Due out in fall 2008, Aslan’s next published work is How to Win a Cosmic War: Why We’re Losing the War on Terror.


Reza Aslan and Gideon Yago on Here on Earth March 28, 2008. “Iranian American writer Reza Aslan and Jewish American journalist Gideon Yago have been touring American universities talking to students about the Middle East. They join us this hour. The two are part of this year’s University of Wisconsin Distinguished Lecture Series.”

Young America and The Middle East (March 28, 2008).

On Inside Islam:

The blog will have a series of posts about Muslims in the media leading up to the second radio show with Media commentator and scholar Reza Aslan. Topics are open-ended but include: Arab TV, Islam and the Internet, how new media change modes of religious expression, Muslim bloggers, and so on. Suggestions on topics and stories can be submitted via the comments section. We also welcome suggestions and ideas for questions and topics to discuss during the show itself.


  • 10-Oct-08: We changed the show’s title from “Videobloggers, Satellite TV, and Sitcoms” to “Young Muslims and New Media” to better fit the focus of the show.

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