Family and Women’s Rights on Inside Islam

This month’s topic is family and women’s rights and the radio program will be on December 4th, 2008. I’m working on a formal page to outline of suggested topics so the community online can help produce the show.

Here’s a quote from Amina Wadud to start us off:

There is a tendency to say that it is Islam that prohibits women from driving a car, for example, when women drive cars all over the world except in one country. So then you know it is not Islam. Islam has much more flexibility, but patriarchy tends to have the same objective, and that is to limit our ability to understand ourselves as Muslims.

Wadud is an Academic in the US. She joined women from around the world at the International Congress on Islamic feminism was last week. Here’s the article from the BBC where she and four other woman define Islamic feminism. Do you think this is a topic worth talking about? Are you an expert on women’s rights? Are you a Muslim woman with a story to tell? Suggest a radio show or blog topic below.

An mp3 file of yesterday’s radio show is now up on Young Muslims and New Media page. Subscribe to the Inside Islam radio series to hear our previous shows in the Inside Islam radio series and related programs produced by Here on Earth.

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