Videoblogger Ali Ardekani, a.k.a. Baba Ali

UPDATE: the Muslims in the Media show was changed to October 29, 2008. Reza Aslan will also join Here on Earth host Jean Feraca for the show.

Baba Ali is Co-founder of Ummah Films, a Muslim film company, Ali works to create Halaal or “Islamically permissible” entertainment, including a videoblog called “The Reminder Series.” Ali videoblogs on YouTube and on the Ummah Films site about Islam and Muslim culture under the alias Baba Ali. He lives and broadcasts from Los Angeles, CA.

Videoblogger Baba Ali, by Neil Macfarquar
Photo: New York Times, Neil Macfarquar

Recently, The New York Times featured Ali in “Young Video Makers Try to Alter Islam’s Face.” Here is one of his videos “Who Hijacked Islam?”

Baba Ali in “Who Hijacked Islam?”

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