Radio Broadcast (25 Sept 2008): Heavy Metal Islam on Here on Earth

Mark LeVine, author of Heavy Metal Islam and Suroosh Alvi, co-director of Heavy Metal in Baghdad will join Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders on air Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. CST. You can listen to the show live on the Ideas Network webstream or check for the podcast later that day.

Heavy Metal and Islam

Watch the blog for posts about Islam and music around the world this week. Also, join the conversation. Leave questions for the guests or Jean, host of Here on Earth, in the comment section for this post. You can suggest topics for the show here as well. Thanks for listening.

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Mark LeVine is Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Culture and Islamic Studies at University of California, Irvine. His most recently published book, Heavy Metal Islam, outlines his study of political voices in Middle East and collaboration with Muslim heavy metal bands as a professional musician. Read the entire bio on his homepage.

Suroosh Alvi co-directed Heavy Metal in Baghdad with Eddy Moretti. He is also co-founder of VICE Publishing, an independent media source in 22 countries. Read his entire bio on the Heavy Metal in Baghdad hompage.

6 thoughts on “Radio Broadcast (25 Sept 2008): Heavy Metal Islam on Here on Earth

  1. My comment has not to do with this particular show, but with your “Inside Islam” initiative. I and many others received unsolicited DVDs — title was something like this: “Obsession: Radical Islam still Wishes to Destroy the West.” Many of my friends got their DVD in the “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,” but since I do not subscribe I got mine in the MAIL!! I could not be more angry and disappointed that this sort of “hate mail” is allowed. Wanted to know if you’d heard about this. Thanks.

  2. Everyone here in Madison has been getting the wrapped in their Higher Business Ed and other publications. While I’d be interested to hear what the buzz is about, it has nothing, not one thing to do with Inside Islam. I’ll be fishing around for a copy. Somebody told me today at a walk for Lymphoma that it has to do with psychologically understanding extremism and terrorism.

  3. I’ve searched for a listing of the bands and songs that were played during the broadcast and have yet to find it. If it is listed somewhere, could you please show me?