Heavy Metal Bands from Across the Globe

We only had an hour on yesterday’s Here on Earth show on heavy metal and Islam. That’s not enough time to cover a wide range of innovative music from around the world, some of which we just couldn’t fit all into the program. Dan, a producer for the show and part of the Inside Islam team, collected a series of videos to share with readers today.

More heavy metal bands after the break…

Cafe Mira, from Morocco/France:

Visit Cafe Mira’s MySpace page.

Junoon, from Pakistan

Here on Earth did a show with Junoon back in 2006, which you can listen here.

Visit Junoon’s website.
Visit Junoon’s Myspace page.

Tarantist, from Iran/LA:

Visit his website.
Visit his Myspace page.

The Kordz, from Lebanon:

Visit The Kordz’s website.
Visit their Myspace page.

Iranian Farazad Golpayegani has his entire discography free to download here.

Do you know of any metal bands with a connection to Islam that we didn’t mention? Or do you know any groups involved in traditionally “Western” forms of music in the Muslim world? Share them with us in the comments.

NOTE: As may be expected for a show about heavy metal, some of these links may contain offensive content. The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not necessarily approve of or endorse this material.

5 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Bands from Across the Globe

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  2. Hay, it was a real nice post.

    I had a research on Iranian Underground Rock & Metal Music Bands and I found some of them very interesting.

    The band Mirage Town is one of them which their style and genre is Alternative Metal/Rock and Post Grunge but with Farsi (Persian) lyrics. You can check them at:


    There are a lot of talented and high quality artists and bands out there who need more and more support to take part in the world music especially when you live in a country that Rock & Metal is banned by the government.

    Hope we can all from across the globe come together and have fun with music.